Some Rules Of Dominating Search Results Online

If you are into boosting brands and accounts on social media platforms, then chances are high you have heard of SEO. It is considered the game-changer of online searches, as the work you put in determines how good your results will be, as well as the reach your posts get.

There are some elements of it that change, but others remain the same – at the end of the day, you cannot cheat the system in place. Understanding it is an entirely different issue, especially when you have never handled anything like it, but it is the secret to growing your influence.

Using Auto like ig and paid ads might get you instant fame and attention, but it is not sustainable in the long term. If you are a small account or business, it is even worse for you because you may not afford it in future – so it is important to understand how SEO works.

The major elements of SEO

Before attempting to use different strategies relating to SEO, it is very important to know how the system operates and the main elements that make it function.

The entire essence of SEO is organizing posts into pages, starting from the top-ranked one and going on to lesser ranked ones. It all began with Google, using an algorithm known as PageRank. The ranking of a post would be the number of clicks it gets, which told it whether the post was helpful or relevant.

The internet of today uses the same principle, but there are aspects that have changed. However, there remain three fundamental elements of SEO ranking that have never changed, regardless of the circumstances. One is an authority (the links and volume an account put out with time, measured through DS (domain score) or DA (domain authority)).

The second is content, which is the most important element today – your content must be excellent for you to rank higher in search pages because this adds value to anyone visiting your page. The more interesting content you have, the higher the engagement it gets, and the higher you rank.

The third pillar is indexing, which takes into account the age of the post. This is the slowest element because you cannot rush it, it takes time, and the more you put out great content, the higher it will rank in searches.

With this said, you need to follow certain rules if you want to dominate searches anywhere, whether it is on Google, or social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. They include:

Improve your page speeds where necessary

If you need help for your website, you can use Google page speed insights, which give you the aspects of your page that you need to improve. When you improve the speeds, you increase the visibility of your website and brand.

Some of the aspects you should improve include the responsiveness to requests, the elimination of JavaScript, HTML and CSS, using caches to speed up the elements of the website page, optimizing of images, and enabling of compressions.

Using CDN for the domain

CDN, also referred to as content-deliver networks, is very important because it helps to serve your followers with content quickly, regardless of where they are located. This is because it tends to spread the content across numerous servers in the world through mirroring techniques then it uploads this content to the visitor through their nearest server.

In addition, using DNS is also helpful in reducing the time your page loads its content. There are many times when the propagation will lag, depending on the registrar and the location of the servers so this tool will help to load your content.

Increasing your valuable content

Even if you cannot afford to use paid ads or premium services that boost your reach, always remember this – creating great content is non-negotiable. Avoid taking shortcuts as well; they will hurt your reach in the long term because Google knows how to spot great content that gets better with time.

Make sure to always go out of your way in making excellent content. The more you do it, the more it reflects on your site, and it promotes the directing of traffic to your site. Visitors will see your content, they will like it, and then be prompted to share it.

When creating your content, make the post long enough, cite your sources, and make it easy to read and follow, and create healthy link profiles. In addition, make instructional content (this is useful in establishing you as an authority), use high quality and relevant images, and use keywords whenever you can (but not too much).

Make sure the site is responsive to mobile and other devices

Internet searches and usage today is dominated by mobile, not desktop. Therefore, you must make sure your site is optimized for mobile before anything else.

In fact, the total number of mobile searches was almost 60 percent in 2016. To increase the rates of responsiveness, you can use CSS libraries such as Bootstrap, or you build it on your own.

Improve the user experience

Aside from creating great content, you must always strive to improve the experience of your visitors and make it easy for them to navigate. Some suggestions include making the main menu easy to use, having a fast site search, implementing breadcrumbs in navigation, reducing the graphics on your site (they slow the loading rates), avoiding too many pop-ups, and using categories to organize your content.

Increase the diversity of content delivery

While written posts on your blog are nice and photo posts are great on platforms such as Instagram, the potential you are leaving if you do not use other methods is great. The time users spend on your website counts among the factors that Google uses to rank your site, so post interesting content for your visitors – use podcasts, audio, and video content.

Final thoughts

Increasing your effectiveness on the internet and on social media requires that you know and understand SEO and how it works. All these strategies will help you increase your reach, and you can also apply some of them on social media platforms.

Steve Max
Steve Maxhttp://www.webzando.com/
A long time digital entrepreneur, Steve has been in digital marketing since 2010 and over the past decade he has built & executed innovative online strategies for leading companies in car insurance, retail shopping, professional sports and the movie & television industry.


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