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Speaking on Amazon Web Services at Learning Technologies 2017

Amazon is one of the world’s largest online retailers serving billions of customers throughout the world by Amazon.com They also are a prominent cloud service provider that provide different cloud computing components like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). These services are provided to either a single individual of business as they request. These services are also referred to as web services, and they help to build a new platform for computing for many people. In order to provide good web services, a person must know what web services are how they are to be trained to help others. Amazon is the first cloud computing service providers to give the world public cloud computing which is a type of cloud computing that can be used by anyone.


What is a Web service?

The answer to this question is very simple since a web service any software that is available on the internet. XML is used to as the messaging system in this software, and it is also used to encode all communications. This piece of software is modular, dynamic, self-contained and distributed. These are built on open standard techniques on the internet such as Java, XML, HTML and TCP/IP.

So, in a nutshell, a web service is any service that;

  • A service that is available on the internet of a private network known as an intranet.
  • A service that uses the standard of XML to communicated and message
  • Does not depend on any operating system or programming language
  • Can be found out through the simple find mechanism
  • Describes itself using XML grammar

Amazon web services or AWS is one of the best technologies in the world. This is one of the immerging technologies since it can be used by many individuals and businesses such as profitable and non-profitable organizations to gain easy and fast access to the computing resources on demand and is one of the leading services providers in the world.  Amazon Web Services provides a wide selection of compute instances which can scale up and down automatically. Amazon EC2 makes web-scale computing easier for developers and system administrators. AWS is a sophisticated application, but it consists of a low-cost method to give the world permanent storage, good database performance and a variety of tools to manage the resources.

Amazon web services training is one way that you can learn about the different web service providing techniques available. In order to be well trained in AWS, it is a must to have comprehensive training and practical. This will allow the learner to understand the power of AWS and the power of the cloud computing service Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The training will also provide a step by step guide to unlock all the features of this web service so in return the user will be able to gain the full potential of the AWS technology. You will be able to get a better understanding about AWS, cloud computing, networking with hands-on practical on AWS. The training is aimed at professionals such as;

  • Individuals who are responsible for the designing and implementation process of cloud computing solutions.
  • IT administrators who need to know how to get the most of the AWS.
  • System Administrators who want to learn about AWS to make a career change.

Training Curriculum

The training curriculum is one of the most important aspects of any learning program. It has to be designed to give the learner the best possible education to be the best at the job. It should contain practical sessions as well as theoretical sessions so that the learner can be an influential character at the job.

AWS training has a well-organized training curriculum. The fundamental part that the AWS training program is related to cloud computing. Introduction to Cloud Computing is where the student learns what cloud computing is and what the key differentiators of different models of AWS training. You will learn the modules like an introduction to cloud computing, AWS architecture, AWS Management and Setting up of the AWS account.

The next module is the Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS. This module will focus on introducing to the compute offering from AWS which is known as EC2. The concepts of EC2 such as;

  • How to launch EC2
  • Connecting with an instance
  • How to host a website on AWS EC2
  • Setting up EBS architecture which is an AWS persistent storage

The concepts of AMI and snapshot such as Amazon EBS, backup, restore, Amazon EC2, Demo of Ami creation, EC2 services and EBS persistent can be learned in this module.

The other modules in the training curriculum for Amazon Web Services are as follows.

#1. Amazon Storage Services

This module can be used to learn the various storage services that are used and provided by AWS. You will be able to learn about the scalable storage services that are provided by AWS such as AWS S3, RSS & Glacier, Amazon cloud watch and how to set up notifications and alerts for usage billing.

#2. Scaling and load distribution in Amazon Web Services

This is one of the main modules of the AWS training program. Scaling and Loading distribution techniques is very much used in AWS. This is since it is concerned with time and you will be learning about the Amazon Scaling Service: ELB and Auto Scaling.

#3. Identity and Access Management Techniques (IAM)

This module focuses on educating you to achieve distribution access control with AWS using the IAM. This will teach you how to manage relational database services in AWS which is known as RDS.

#4. Multiple AWS Services and Managing the Resource’s Life Cycle

In this module, you will learn AWS Import/Export, AWS CloudFront, SES, Cloud Formation, AWS OpsWorks SNS and an overview of AWS products like Elastibean Stalk

#5. AWS Architecture and Design

You will be able to learn AWS high availability design, AWS best practices and many other parts in this module

#6. The Project

This module is to implement what you have learned in the training that you have followed on AWS where you will have to apply the knowledge you gained.

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