How to Speed Up Your Website to Get More Visitors

Getting traffic to your site is great, but if that traffic does not convert, it is almost useless. A slow website is not good for the user and the SEO, it gets ranked low and has fewer page views and fewer conversion rates. Unfortunately, many website developers do not understand the importance of search engine visibility. The research by Kissmetrics has shown that 40% of the users will abandon a site that takes more than 2 seconds to load. The businesses which are running their operations online do not survive without steady traffic flow from the right demographic so let’s discuss the most effective ways to speed up your website.

1- Start With a Good Hosting Plan

A significant number of businesses have started up their online presence using shared hosting plans. As the name suggests, shared hostings are web hosting service that provides a single physical server shared among several users. For startup companies, shared hosting is a less expensive way to create an online presence but does not work well with websites with high traffic rates.

If your business is towards an inclined growth, you must avoid shared hosting service. It is not preferred for sites which have increased usage and content, and it is none other than keeping your conversion rate on a stake.

How to Improve Your Hosting Plan?

One of the simplest ways of speeding up your website is to get dedicated hosting service in which a server solely devotes to one website. A dedicated hosting is much secure and reliable than the shared hosting with 99.4% uptime and backup facilities to keep the functions running smoothly.

Why Use Dedicated Hosting Plan?

There are loads of benefits that you can enjoy using a dedicated server such as,

  • High server security.
  • The speed of your website does not get slower.
  • It provides enough bandwidth and space.
  • It provides a reliable server with uptime.

2- Cut Down Unnecessary Plugins

A custom web designer cuts to the chase. Keeping in additional plugins means a slower site. Every added plugin needs a resource to execute, and more resources mean a slow website speed. Moreover, it is not just about the speed of a site. The choice in Plugins might become a common reason for most of the WordPress problems as they have been written by different developers and you need to be careful while installing them.

Tip: Compare the functions and usability of the plugin and the benefits you get before installing. If it is worth it, install it, else there is no need to install additional plugins.

3- Keep The Scripts Up To Date

Keeping your site’s scripts up to date improves your site’s speed. Updating your scripts to the latest versions could go a long way towards eliminating coded roadblocks that prevent your site from loading quickly.

4- Be Careful With the Size of the Images You Use

You must have heard that pictures speak louder than words. Not only this, an image adds life to your design and makes a site good to be seen, but oversized images take longer to load, so it is necessary to keep the image size small. It goes for all kind of images, either it is an icon, image supporting web content, a custom logo design or GIFs. Images appear to be good but take up a massive portion of space of your web server.

How Can You Reduce The Space That A Picture Occupies?

  • Adding content with images is not a right approach, so remove image comments.
  • Reduce color intensity to the least level.
  • Using JPEG could be the best option.
  • Get the resolution adjusted to cope up with the speed of your website.
  • Crop unnecessary, unneeded areas of an image.

Tool to Compress Image

Use Smush, it a WordPress plugin which compresses an image automatically without affecting the quality of the picture and for non WordPress website you can use TinyPNG.

Wrapping It Up,

These are just a few of the tips that you must avoid on your website. Do not just rely on these methods and learn more ways to speed up your website. Keep your site updated and check for missing links and graphics. Invest your time and efforts in learning proper techniques to boost up the speed and the search engine ranking of your website. Most importantly, do not forget to create a backup of your site and the changes you make every time.

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