Studying at Night vs Studying During the Day

The question on the best time to study is complex because every person tries to justify how best their time is. When talking to a night runner, all they can think about are the disadvantages of studying during the day because they study better at night. As well, a person who studies during the day would find it difficult to adapt to the night environment. The different ideologies bring up a scientific conclusion that there is no best time to study and hence, every individual is entitled to their opinion. Therefore, researchers have put forward several advantages and disadvantages of studying both during the day and during the night. Considering such suggestions, every individual should try out the different options in order to realize what works best for them. In addition, several factors might affect the person’s choice on the best time to study. Among such factors are the accessibility to a library, time of the day when a person is free and especially in the case of students doing part-time jobs, the current environment and their time preference among others. Hence, there is not a defined best time of study that every student should follow.

Myths and researchers on best study time

Many individuals have researched the question regarding the best time to study. According to essayzoo.org, there are several advantages of studying during the day as well as during the night. Among the benefits of studying during the day is that one is able to concentrate better since they have had enough sleep during the night. Therefore, it will be easy for them to comprehend what they are reading as compared to a sleepy person. Also, most of the study resources such as the bookshops and libraries are opened during the day following the society’s norm of sleeping at night and working through the day. Hence, someone would easily access study materials. In addition, one can contact their teachers and other students for help in case they have any questions about something that they are reading. Natural light is known to be the best for our eyes when compared to artificial light.

On the other hand, studying at night has its advantages such as the fact that people are loud during the day. Therefore, this offers the guarantee of silence hence increasing an individual’s concentration ability. Also, in the case whereby someone lives near a library that runs till late night, it can be very convenient to study under the deserted environment since there are fewer distractions as compared to a full library. Regarding distractions, most of the friends are asleep, and this reduces the chances of chatting and phone calls that divert and individual’s attention. The night helps in increasing the efficacy of a person to assimilate information.

However, given all these advantages, the ability to decide on which among the two options works best lies in hands or the person making a study choice. Different times and conditions work differently for every individual. Therefore, an individual would choose an option that fits their preferences and availability.

Tips on how to study effectively

After making a comparison regarding the idea of studying during the day and studying during the night, it is clear that studying during the night offers an individual a better chance. The benefits range from the silence that enables someone to concentrate on whatever they are studying fully. Therefore, among the tips that can allow someone to explore effectively during the night is the establishment of a certain routine. As a result, this will enable the body to adapt to the method hence increasing the person’s performance during the study. It is also important to ensure that the routine is strictly adhered to. Given a situation whereby an individual chooses to study day and night for a couple of days, then their body would be fatigued, and the individual would not be able to study effectively. This calls for someone to decide on when to learn and then create a schedule.

As well, lighting at night is an important tip in ensuring the effectiveness of study for night runners.  In most cases, people start studying in the evening and before they realize it’s already dark. If continued over a long period, then there are high chances that one will damage their eyes. Hence, the study light should be of good quality to avoid straining of the eyes. Enough rest helps the body to relax. A relaxed body is reflected in mind and, this means that the individual will be able to comprehend whatever they are studying. Hence, if one plans to study during the night, it is essential for them to get enough rest during the day.

Time management is another useful tip when it comes to studying during the night. Hence, creating a timetable with breaks of not more than 10 minutes after every hour is a great way to avoid over studying. As a way of relaxing, listening to some music that inspires someone while studying increases their ability to assimilate what they are learning. This is also evidenced by the fact that most of the musicians make their music during the night because the mind is known to be more active as compared to its state during the day. Thus, given a chance to choose, the night would be a better option to study as compared to the daytime.

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