Summer Getaway for Boomers

Retirement is the perfect time to tackle the destinations on your bucket list. When summer rolls around, wanderlust gets the best of everyone. Where are your must-see destinations? Here’s a list of some of the most popular summer getaways for Boomers.


A country known for the most outstanding pizza, pasta, and gelato – it’s no wonder Italy is a top destination for Boomers. When visiting Italy for the first time, you may want to base your itinerary around Rome, Florence, and Venice. These cities are tourist attractions for many reasons, and if you plan accordingly, you can get to know all three.

Rome: Ancient Rome is filled with history and classical architecture. While you are exploring this beautiful city, take time to visit St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican, the Colosseum, and a few of your favorite ruins. Don’t forget to toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain.

Florence: Mark Twain once referred to Florence as the “city of dreams.” Florence is a beautiful, elegant city loaded with art and history—the place where Michelangelo left his legacy. Get to know the city of the Medici, visit the Uffizi, and get a picture of David in the Piazzale Michelangelo.

Venice: Venice is the city of romance. You will not want to miss St. Mark’s Square, the place to gather for great food and coffee. Enjoy a gondola ride along the Grand Canal and sample some cicchetti at a waterside restaurant.


Antarctica attracts visitors with its gorgeous glaciers, wildlife, and sense of peacefulness. If you want to be alone, then this place was made for you, as there are no permanent residents. Adventuring and learning about the untouched wilderness will be your favorite pastime here, and you will want to fully embrace the local wildlife. Don’t forget your camera—the glaciers and ice sculptures are simply magnificent.


When you are greeted with a smile and a lei when you first arrive, you know you’re in a welcoming destination. Whether you visit Maui or Honolulu, you’ll enjoy a friendly reception and breathtaking views.

Maui: Magical Maui is a never-ending dream. To start your day off here, hike up the Haleakala Volcano and watch the sun rise above the clouds. You will never see this view anywhere else! The Haleakala Volcano reaches up to 10,023 feet into the sky. While you are on this island, grab some snorkel gear, and explore the ocean to see a rainbow of coral through the crystal-clear water.

Honolulu: Being the largest city in the Pacific Ocean, Honolulu is an unforgettable place. This city is known for the beautiful Waikiki Beach—the famous mai tai drinks were invented here.  Don’t miss a tour of Diamond Head.

What fabulous destination is calling you this year? If you’re looking for inspiration and adventure, these three destinations are sure to do the trick.

Danielle K. Roberts is the Vice President and co-founder at Boomer Benefits, where her team of experts help baby boomers with their Medicare decisions nationwide.

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