How to Take Care OF Human Virgin Peruvian Hair

Every part of the human body have their own great importance, therefore, there shouldn’t be a hierarchy in any aspect that one is of high importance than the other. Whenever the heart is functioning well, it keeps the body system in checks and balances, even so, and much more is the human hair. If you don’t take care of your hair, your appearance seems to be altered and health wisely, some funny and unpleasant things might creep into cause more harm to your health. Nevertheless, there is a constant need to take care of the hair in the best way we can.

The Human Virgin Peruvian Hair

One of the most fashionable hair types available in the trend today is the Human Virgin Peruvian Hair, they can be dried, perm and washed because they are unprocessed. They are very soft to a high extent; in this case, we need to take care of and clean it up every now and again.

The Human “Virgin” Hair is the hair that has not been colored, dyed or bleached before. The weft of the Peruvian hair extensions, as the name implies are hair strands that were donated by donors from Peru. The weft or weave are the hair tips that were sewn into tracks.

When you fit them properly, your hair extension can last over four months with adequate and proper care. This hair can also be used to make other extension types which might include Stick Tip, Tape In, Micro Loop, Clip In, Nail Tip and much more. Are yours well kept to make other extension types?

More importantly, the Peruvian hair has this naturalistic look that installs that real and cool feel on your face. Through proper maintenance, they can last for years with manifold installs. Have you considered the best way to take a proper care of your hair? Below is a nice procedure that will help you in the most appropriate way.

The Care

  • Take out or extract the extensions from your human virgin Peruvian hair
  • Gently use a wide tooth comb to remove all those tangles and knots from the hair extensions
  • Now you are ready to wet the hair, make sure you use lukewarm water then start combing it gently as you gradually moisten the hair.
  • Continue this process gently as you comb gradually from the ends to the top of your hair strands.
  • Now you are ready to wash the hair, make sure you use a sulfate free shampoo and then wash the hair from the top through to the ends.
  • A lightweight conditioner would be the most preferred to apply. There should be more conditioner at the ends of the hair and less conditioner towards the top.
  • Wrap your hair in a towel and gently exert pressure to remove the excess of water on it.
  • Finally, gently comb through the hair strands at the ends as you move towards the top at the same time. Allow the extensions to hair dry. Natural Drying is highly preferable with this method of taking care of your Human Virgin Peruvian Hair.

Note that you can always seek the help of a professional to help you through this care on your Hair.


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