Take Your Career To the Next Level With a PhD

If you have been in the workforce for several years and have recently hit a career plateau, consider expanding your opportunities with higher education.

Who Should Get A Doctorate?

Some careers require a postgraduate degree (e.g. teaching, law, or accounting). If you’re pursuing a career as a lawyer, there’s no choice about it; you have to go to law school. For other careers, getting a graduate degree may be helpful because it will develop your knowledge base and skill set (e.g. journalism or politics). It can also help you specialize in a specific area, giving you greater marketability.

#1. Educational Leadership

If you are in the field of school administration, getting a doctorate in educational leadership can open up several opportunities. Although many administrative positions only require a masters, working as a principle, superintendent, or a provost requires a doctorate.

#2. Business Administration

Although a doctorate in business administration is a relatively new degree, it is a very practical option if you are already in the workforce and want to climb the ladder into upper management. This degree maintains a focus on solving concrete problems, but it also provides more knowledge that can help you get a higher-paying job.

#3. Accounting

There’s a growing job market for accounting professors . If you are interested in math and teaching, obtaining a doctorate in accounting may be a very smart career move.

#4. Teaching

Getting a masters is almost imperative these days to snag a job as a high school teacher or a college professor. This is especially true at the college level, where you are unlikely to be hired even as an adjunct without a masters. A tenure-track position will require a doctorate.

Entrance Exams

Before you go rushing off to get yourself a graduate degree, remember that almost every graduate program requires scores from entrance exams. There are several exams that are similar to the ACT or SAT for undergrads.

The GRE is probably the most common. It tests your writing abilities, math skills, and knowledge of English. Many websites offer free practice and study tips for the GRE, including Kaplan and Khan Academy.

The MCAT is required for admission into most medical schools. You will have to prepare carefully for this 7 ½ hour test. It covers the physical and biological sciences, verbal reasoning and writing, and your ability to understand influences on human behavior.

There are lots of good options for MCAT online prep, and some of them have free options. A good place to start is Kaplan, which has online and in person prep courses for the exam. You can also purchase practice exams from the official MCAT website.

Online Classes

Just because you’re going back to school doesn’t mean that you need to give up your current job. With an online program, you can proceed at your own pace, fitting in a study on evenings, weekends, and vacations.

There are now many online degrees that allow you to pursue higher education while remaining active in the workforce and with your family. For example, you can obtain an online doctorate in educational leadership or business administration from Trident University.

In-Person Classes

Of course, the traditional option of attending in-person classes is always available. Even obtaining your degree in-person can fit around your work schedule if you take time to plan it out. Many doctoral programs have part-time options and offer classes in the evenings for working professionals.

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