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Apple is a well-renowned company in the production of iPods. Some of the Apple iPods released in the market today include Apple iPod 2GB Shuffle, iPod nano, iPod Classic, and iPod touch. Just like MP3 players, iPods are portable media players that users can listen to music and videos. With large storage capacities, iPod users can save as many music videos as possible. Some iPods also have a recording feature where users can record music or videos when necessary. The use of iPods has extended in different fields such as the following.

  • Medical Field- There are reported cases where iPods have been used by doctors to save people with heart problems. Here, the users can listen to the heart with the iPod instead of a stethoscope and save every sound. Later on, the doctors can listen to the saved sounds and identify irregular heartbeats or any other heart problems.
  • Criminal Justice Field- Since an iPod is very portable and can be carried anywhere, some individuals have used them to store wiretap transmissions which have led to the arrest of notorious criminals.
  • Learn Languages- Thanks to different podcasts, students are now using iPods to learn different languages or listen to classroom lectures which save the whole habit of writing down notes.


Apple is also recognized for the production of iPads. Although the iPad manufacturer market seems very competitive, Apple has continued to dominate the market with the production of exceptional iPad brands such as the iPad Mini. Just like any other mobile device such as smartphones or iPods, iPads also use apps to function effectively. iPad users can now enjoy the latest apps that make their devices more useful. Some of the uses of iPads include the following;

  • iPads can be used for browsing the internet. You can use the iPad to browse the internet and visit social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Also, you can visit other websites of use to you and read informative articles.
  • eReaders can be efficiently used on iPads. eReaders such as Kindle allow users to download their favorite books in eBook format and save them on the iPad to be read later.
  • If you love playing mobile games, the iPad will definitely be very useful; you can download different game apps and play them on your iPad.

Tablet PCs

Tablet PCs have become very popular because they are simply computers on a flat screen. Apple is also among the leading manufacturers of Tablet PCs. The defining characteristics of Tablet PCs are the touch screens which allow users to navigate through the computer easily. The portability feature also allows users to enjoy their computers anytime and anywhere. Just like other mobile devices, you can use Apps developed and designed by WeezLabs to effectively work with your Tablet PC. The uses of tablet Pcs are very similar to the uses of a normal computer. You can use them to type documents, play games, browse the internet and many more computer functions. The production of Tablet Pcs has been widely appreciated by consumers because they can now leave behind the heavy laptops or the stagnant desktops.

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