The 5 Best Qualities You Want in a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

Statistics show that when you hire a personal injury lawyer, you are almost guaranteed to get more for your damages and injuries than if you choose to go it alone. The reality is, however, that not all personal injury lawyers in Houston are as good as others.

Reputation isn’t just about a lawyer’s win/loss record or how much of a percentage they take of what you are awarded, although those things are important. To get the best personal injury lawyer in Houston, it is a good idea to watch for these five qualities.

#1. They aren’t in it for the money

Of course, most people who work for a living are looking to get paid, but to find the best personal injury lawyer, you will want to find the person who shows up every day because they care, not to collect a paycheck.

A personal injury lawyer’s job is to fight for those who have been injured and to help them recover through winning monetary compensation. Try to find someone who takes cases based on concern and the desire to make your life better. They will be a better option over the lawyer who is in it purely to collect a paycheck.

#2. They care about their reputation in the community and in legal circles

The “win at any cost” mentality might seem like an attractive quality to have in a personal injury lawyer, but that might not necessarily be what you want. A reputable personal injury Houston lawyer will get you all that you are entitled to because they are fair and can work with others. You want to find someone who others in the legal community admire.

Reputation really does matter, not only because you want to work with someone who is credible to the competition, but you also want them to be honest with you. A good Houston personal injury lawyer doesn’t have to market themselves. Their reputation says it all.

#3. They have a lot of experience with all aspects of a personal injury case

Sure, the ideal situation is a settlement before a case is escalated to trial. The reality is that as many as 97% of all personal injury suits are settled before they have to see the inside of a courtroom. There are times when a case is better off going to court. Don’t choose someone just because they are known to get a quick settlement. That might not always be in your best interest.

Finding a lawyer that has the experience needed to win at the next level tells you that the attorney isn’t afraid to fight for all that you deserve, even if it is a little harder than anticipated.

#4. Find someone who cares specifically about you

To find the best personal injury lawyer, you will want to find the one that spends time getting to know you and what you have been through. If you are just a number, then you aren’t going to get the individual attention that you need to settle your case the right way.

Someone who is empathetic to your plight cares about what you are going through and takes the time to listen and meet with you are all important factors to choosing the right personal injury lawyer in Houston.

#5. They are there to answer your questions

The entire process of personal injury cases can be long, arduous, and frustrating. Cases don’t always get settled when you need them to. Sometimes there are outstanding medical bills, lost wages that can burden you financially and emotional trauma that seems overwhelming.

A good personal injury lawyer will be there to answer your call and your questions. You will want someone who not only picks up the phone, but sho also takes the time to listen, explain and empathize.

A personal injury lawsuit can be highly emotional, frustrating, and overwhelming. Make sure to hire a personal injury lawyer in Houston who you can work with, who cares about you and who is in the career for a purpose other than collecting a paycheck. The road to settlement might be long, so make sure that it is paved with concern and empathy, as well as expertise and excellence.

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