The 5 Latest Eyeglasses Frame Trends

Not many accessories are as prominent or alter someone’s appearance more than eyeglasses. Since they are front and center, eyeglasses tend to say a whole lot about someone’s style and fashion sense.

With a little guidance about current trends, it is possible to choose the right style for you and your character. Whether you are looking for the sophisticated, serious or silly side of your personality to shine through, the year 2018 has the right eyeglasses for you.

Last year’s frame fashion was all about big and bulky, but 2018 is shaping up to be a more delicate and tailored fashion year. A lighter version of last year, eyeglasses are brighter, lighter and more colorful. Using mixed materials is all the rage, as is a slimmer frame.

#1. Out with the geek, in with the chic

Last year was a year full of heavy and thick frames. This year is more about thin and sculpted lines that give the face more room to shine on its own. Not overpowering, the sleek new frame designs available for this year are much more becoming if you want a natural look. The glass itself is still big and bold, but the outline is less visible and overwhelming.

#2. Minimal is maximal

All that was old is new again. From aviators to cat eye, all the old trends are making a comeback. The only difference from their retro predecessors is that the frames are more fitted and have much cleaner lines. Another big change is the mix and match of materials on the frames. Metal with plastic or acetate make the perfect combo, and the popular double bridge is awesome for this spring.

#3. Wood

One of the biggest spring eyeglasses trends for 2018 is the wooden frame. Made from real wood, these frames aren’t plastic imitations like a phone case. Of course, you can always get the imitation version that sometimes looks just as authentic as real wood and comes in a variety of colors. From pine to sandalwood to teak, wood is not only more eco-friendly, but it is a bold choice for your frames this year.

#4. See-through tints

Frames made from acetate are still in fashion and are super comfortable due to their lightweight feel. This season, however, is all about clear glass with a tint of color to make your eyes shine a little brighter. Using a heavier compound, fashion designers have revamped the boring nature of see-through and have taken it from black-and-white-boring to rainbow.

A favorite on the runway and in eyeglasses retail stores across America, you can either find frames that match the color of your eyes to make them pop, or you can be fun and creative with different hues.

#5. Fashionable and functional

One of the biggest problems that those sitting in offices around the globe are encountering in the new age of digital technology is eye strain. The newest fashion trend is to have blue-light blocking tints built into the lenses to protect eyes from the glare of a computer or smartphone screen. Although it might not be much of a fashion statement in appearance, not having red, swollen, and puffy eyes are preferred, no matter what type of frames you choose for your fashionable look.

Overall, Winnipeg glasses typically don’t change much from year to year like sunglasses. With a more gradual alteration from one year to the next, eyeglasses shift slowly. That being said, 2018 is a new year to upgrade your look. A slimmer, sleeker look is what the fashion world is choosing, and the new frames might be the best choice for you.

Don’t be out of style! Check out all the latest designer glasses for the season, but make sure to pick a frame that best suits your personality and brings out the you that you might be hiding behind those heavy, 2017 frames.

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