The Application of Electric Actuators in Home Automation

The world is always introduced to new technological innovations almost on a daily basis. Every season, we get to see new products and ideas which help to change the way we live. Currently, we are not only able to monitor our health but also our homes. People have become technologically versed to the point where almost everything is now automated. Presently, people are warming up to the idea of automating their homes. Home automation is not a new technology but there have been major improvements and new ideas are still being churned. Before automation, however, you need to know what you want to automate first. Is it the air circulation system, the house lighting, the outdoor lighting, or even the motion sensors? These should be determined before you decide to move ahead with your automation idea. However, this article is not about the things to consider before you automate your home but about the application of electric actuators in home automation.

Linear actuators have helped to revolutionize automation. Actuators are currently used in a myriad of applications including home automation. In motion applications, hydraulic, manual, and pneumatic systems were preferred. However, today, a majority of motion applications make use of 24 and 12 volt DC linear actuators. Unlike the previous systems, the DC linear actuators tend to be more efficient and operate more quietly and cleanly. Converting energy into linear motion is not new technology but linear actuators help to take it to another level. In home automation, for example, 12v electric actuators, track linear actuators, and high-speed actuators have become common.

The truth is, given the option of automating your home is indeed exciting and interesting. While in a few years ago home automation was for only the rich, currently, everyone can automate their home. It has not only become cheaper but also more interesting with new and better ideas. It is also essential to acknowledge the importance of actuators in this entire process. The ease of integrating actuators into home appliances as well as the fact that they are quite economical makes them an important addition in the automation business.

Applications of Linear Actuators in Home Automation

Smart Lighting

This mainly involves the use of actuators to control the lighting system in one’s house. For example, you can make use of smart light bulbs which could be adjusting depending on the mood in a particular room. If for example, you want to sleep, the lights could dim themselves and immediately light up the moment you wake up. Additionally, coupled with actuator enhanced smart sensors, your lights could be switched on the moment you walk into a room and immediately switched off the moment you exit. With the help of actuators, your house could be tailored to meet the exact lighting expectations.

TV Lifts

Watching TV which is located in a stationary position could indeed be tiring and with options coming up, it is indeed vital to consider the next generation TV lifts. Imagine living in a place where your TV could be adjusted depending on whoever is watching. Just like a driver’s seat in a car, you can now adjust the position of your TV to suit your watching needs and angles. This will indeed make things easier for you and everyone else in your house. Additionally, there are some TV lifts which will also hide your TV while you are away and therefore, gift you more space to place other things. With the integration of linear actuators in TV lifts, you can indeed make your life comfortable and your house more spacious.

Security Cameras

Initially, security cameras could be pointed in only one direction and this meant that once outmaneuvered, they could never tell whether someone was in a certain place or not. However, the new security systems which are enhanced with linear actuators have helped to make monitoring much easier. Now, security cameras are able to move and also scan a wider area than before. It is indeed currently difficult to bypass a security camera. Additionally, some have more advanced features and will immediately start recording the moment they sense any movement or motion. Having these in your home will indeed be beneficial and will help to reduce and ultimately the threat of intruders.

Programmable Thermostat

A thermostat works by detecting the room temperature and switching on the heating or switching it off once the air temperature falls or reaches the set temperature. Having this in your home is indeed beneficial because you will not be required to manually adjust the room temperature. A programmable thermostat allows you to select different temperatures and to switch to whichever choices you wish to meet your needs. Linear actuators have indeed helped to automate the thermostat and it is now upon you to take control of your room temperature.

Choosing the Right Home Automation Technology

The truth is home automation is quite expensive and can end up denting your budget. It is always advisable to start small and then expand from there. However, you should always keep in mind the fact that technology becomes obsolete fast. Therefore, always plan and do your research before you set off to buy any devices.

Choosing actuators is indeed one of the most important steps in the home automation process. First of all, you should first ensure that the 12v electric actuator is compatible with the platforms or devices you have. Secondly, you should also know beforehand whether your applications are light or heavy. The above simply means that you need to know whether you need a heavy duty 12v electric actuator or a 12v light electric actuator.

In conclusion, the significance of actuators in home automation is indeed obvious. However, as already stated, do your research well before you decide to invest in any home automation devices.

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