The Best Social Media Tools For Marketers To Place Their Faith In

It would be wrong to term social media as a phenomenon. It is more than just that in the world we inhabit today. Social media has penetrated every layer of society in a way that it is impossible to keep its impacts on our lives at bay. Our day does not start without checking our Facebook feed or the various Instagram stories posted by people we hardly ever interacted with in real life. Now, imagine keeping track of the activities on different social media platforms as a part of your job. Things could become increasingly overwhelming. It is one thing looking at what others post on their Facebook walls or Instagram feed for leisure and a completely different story to perform the same drill, with added technical and statistical analysis. However, for the ones who make a living out of social media data analysis, here are a few tools that can help you ace the game better and go about the job with greater perfection.

Sprout Social:

Talking about the tools that make social media data tracking easy, Sprout Social should be first on this list. The reason being, Sprout Social allows you to track and analyze data to its very depth not just in one channel or network, but also across several other networks. The analysis that comes with it is represented in a presentation that is easy to understand. You can track Facebook page impressions, keep tabs on the Instagram followers and do much more with this social media analytical tool.


The name itself provides a basic understanding of what the social media tool is up to. Awario is a tool that brings awareness to these social media analysts regarding any mention of brand names. It tracks how people all over social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram mention brand names and converse about them. Awario provides real-time insight into the mention of the brand names and sees to it that the details which might be required to analyze the flow of data are covered.


Here again, the name speaks volume about the role of this social media tool. Snaplytics is just like any other form of analytics but mainly concerned with the analysis of data that flows primarily in Snapchat and Instagram. The metrics that are dealt with this particular tool are open and completion rate. Brands can assess at which specific point of time the engagement is at its zenith and also the point where the engagement falls off.


Curalate is a tool that aids businesses to make their presence felt on social media platform by analyzing which product sells and which does not. You might have come across several Instagram pages that eggs on users to buy a product by the link provided on their page (or beneath every post). It analyses user behaviour and processes all the information available to find which product attracts the most clicks and a subsequent conversion rate. This approach of the tool can enhance your prospects of going about your business as you gather experience regarding which posts are more likeable on Instagram than the others.

Google Analytics:

There is absolutely no way to miss out on Google Analytics while discussing the various tools on social media data analysis. Google’s very own tool, which is why we can put all our faith in it, is not just solely a media analytics tool. But it is also something that can help you measure your return on investment on your social media campaigns. You can analyze how much traffic your website gets and also get a first-hand understanding of where all the traffic comes from. This helps you gain a holistic understanding of all the factors that determine the success or failure of a particular social media campaign, the information of which you can use to your favour.


The age is such that we need to keep ourselves conscious and aware of everything that happens over social media so that we keep our heads in the game. People whose job it is to analyze and track data that flows in and through social media must have the required knowledge about the aforementioned tools. The task of processing and tracking data becomes a whole lot easier. Social media is one of the best ways businesses reach out to their target audience. So, one might as well seek refuge in the tools that can help them with their research and planning.

Steve Max
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