The Best Ways To Use Brain Octane Oil

Brain octane oil is a popular type of medium chain triglycerides (MCT), a man-made fat that is made from processed coconut and palm kernel oils that helps relieve food absorption disorders acts as nutritional support and lessens the body fats which makes it an ideal method for losing weight.

According to yeswellness.com , brain octane oil is absorbed by the body and can easily be converted into ketone energy, an energy molecule made by the liver from fats breakdown. Having sufficient ketones can make a person energized without compromising the body to have additional fats, unlike from relying to glucose and carbohydrates. Moreover, it also burns fat easier and faster.

Compared to other MCT especially those with lauric acids, brain octane oil makes a person lessened his cravings and makes the brain more focused with an energy that can last longer.

However, just like other medications and supplements, carefulness must be considered in taking brain octane oil not just to avoid further complications but also to ensure its effectivity. This article will provide suggestive ways and more suitable time to use brain octane oil.

The Best Time to use Brain Octane Oil

There is nothing wrong in using brain octane oil any time of the day. But you can maximize its effectivity by using it on a particular time of the day to maximize the results. Here are some of the best times to use this oil:

In the Morning

If your goal is to have the best focus the moment you wake up and sustain it until the end of the day, then use brain octane oil in the morning. MCTs like brain octane oil, since it gives the liver to rapidly convert into ketones, these energy molecules can be easily used by the cells in the body to become its fuel.

In addition to focus, there are other benefits that can get from using ketones for energy. First, it boosts the brains, especially this is part of the body that uses ketones well. Aside from decreasing the chance of having mental-related issues like Alzheimer’s disease, brain octane oil also helps to have better mental clarity. Lastly, brain octane oil can help in losing fat as it can burn about 300 calories per day, also it helps a person to become hungry often.

Before Doing Workouts

Aside from the brains and cells, the muscles of the body can also absorb ketones easily and has the ability to use them to stimulate themselves especially at the time of doing workouts, which makes brain octane oil to use also before doing intense routines and exercises. Unlike caffeine, brain octane oil is non-stimulant so it will not just keep you up. Also, this MCT guarantees that there will be no hormone crash that can happen in the body system like how sugar usually does.

Other Ways to Use Brain Octane Oil

Brain octane oil does not just work on coffees and teas, but there are various ways you can enjoy using brain octane oil, all because of its amazing and unique properties. Here are some of them:

In food:

Salad dressings, especially in diet ones

Some of us know that in order to absorb the nutrients with every food that we eat, we should consume it with fats. In one study, it discovered that the usage of brain octane oil instead of unsaturated fats brings greater nutrient absorption capacities because of its MCT components.


This authentic Japanese cuisine can also be improved by brain octane oil. You can enjoy this food without being guilty of consuming carbohydrates from rice by adding brain octane oils from it. Aside from its nutritional benefits, it can also help bring out the fishy flavor of sushi and can be a best alternative for sushi filling as well.

In the Skin:

Body Scrub

Yes, brain octane oils does not only work in food-related stuff, but it can also bring great effects directly on the skin. Massaging it into the skin especially in the elbows and knees, will give a smooth, silky feeling without greasiness. Moreover, it is rich in vitamins and minerals that brings great hydration to the skin without clogging the pores.

Shaving Lotion

Besides body scrub and its great effects, brain octane oil surely maintains having a moisturized skin. Moreover, it gives additional protection to the skin from the harshness of shaving, also softening the hair, making the shaving process easier and less complicated.

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