The Best Welfare Units For Hire

Working on-site without a welfare unit is like riding a motorcycle without a helmet: everything seems just fine until something goes wrong. Whether it’s protection from the elements, a place to cook some lunch, have a cup of tea, use the toilet and relax on your break or a safe haven to clean up and dry off after a day’s work, no site is complete and ready to go without a quality welfare unit.

With so many options available on the market, here’s a look at some of the best welfare units available for hire right now, sponsored by SRP Hire Solutions.

Ecosmart Junior 12 Unit

If you’ve got a relatively small crew of up to 8 people, the Ecosmart Junior 12 unit is ideal for you and your team. It’s a 12ft mobile space equipped with a heating system, running hot water, a microwave and a kettle. The Ecosmart junior also comes with canteen space, a toilet and a drying room. The unit has even been designed using Ecosmart technology, which minimises the power usage on the generator so that the unit operates in the most efficient way possible. Sit back and relax with a cup of tea safe in the knowledge that you’re lowering your carbon footprint in the process. With the option of 4 hours running water and 6 hours of electricity without a generator, the Ecosmart junior is the perfect welfare unit hire for smaller crews.

Securicab 7-Man Welfare Unit

If you’re looking or a welfare unit that’s efficient and easy to manage, the Securicab 7-Man is the space for you. The purpose-built trailer comes equipped with generator-powered lighting and provides space for up to 7 people. The unit even comes with hydraulic lowering chassis and a retractable drawbar for super-easy setup. All of this along with the unit’s easily accessible toilet facilities, you can’t really go wrong with the Securicab.

Ecosmart 16 Comfort Space Unit

If you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort, accessibility and versatility, this 16ft Ecosmart welfare unit is the choice for your next project. Fitted out with canteen space for up to 10 people, running hot water, a heating system, a microwave and a kettle, this unit is ideal for jobs which require a lot of manpower. The unit includes the option to have the space set out for open plan or office use, so you can tailor the trailer to meet your needs.

Ecosmart 20 Comfort Space Unit

Say hello to the biggest comfort space on offer. With cabin space for up to 12 people, a fully functioning WC, drying room and even space to hang up your coat after a long day, this is the perfect unit for bigger jobs or any projects that span weeks at a time. The Ecosmart 20 mobile unit also utilises the latest in Ecosmart technology for a more efficient workspace. It comes complete with a variety of environmentally friendly features like PIR activated diesel heating and lighting, which has been designed to use less energy. This means you get the comfort of a spacious trailer as well as lower running costs when you hire the Ecosmart 20.

Site Solo

This 24ft welfare unit has been designed to function efficiently, providing solutions to any and every on-site need you may have. If you’re looking for a smaller unit with separate compartments, this is an excellent choice. The Site Solo includes a drying room which is offset for privacy, as well as a recirculating toilet and space for 6 people to sit back and rest after a long day. Fit with a whopping 9 KvA generator which provides power for lighting, heating and the canteen, this trusty welfare unit is ideal for your next 6-man project.

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