The Dangers Of Modern-Day Gambling: A Guide To Avoiding Addiction

Traditionally we would have thought of gambling as visiting a bookie and placing a bet on the horses, or a sneaky visit to the track, or even a night at the casino, and this way it would be really simple to notice that you or a family member had a problem. But these days gambling is more available than it ever has been in human history, but there are ways to combat addiction and we’ll look at how to avoid these addictions and where they come from as well.

Recognize The Warning Signs

If you are in danger of gambling in an irresponsible or harmful way then there are signs that you are becoming addicted. This can include the amount of time you spend thinking about or engaging in gambling activities if you are argumentative, sensitive and upset when asked about your gambling activities. If you find yourself spending more than you can afford or hiding your หวยออนไลน์

Know Your Family History

Have you any family members in the past who have run into problems with gambling addiction? The American Psychiatric Association contends that it can run in families and with this in mind, if you are worried about any behavior then it cannot harm to discuss it with members of the family who may have been through this.

Easy Access

Gambling is everywhere these days, it’s in the traditional places but also available online as well, both on the PC, or your smartphone. It’s not just bookmaking but games, online casinos, bingo games, etc. Lottery tickets can be bought in every store and even online, and not just our domestic lottery games, some sites allow you to play lotto from just about any country in the world.

Gambling That Doesn’t Seem Like Gambling

There are even many methods of gambling that don’t on the face of it seem like gambling such as in-app purchases on many games, you get these random boxes you can buy that promise an undisclosed prize, and many are asking are loot boxes gambling? We would say yes as they draw the user in the exact same way as traditional gambling and, worryingly, attract younger players as well.

Know What You Can Afford

If you are to gamble you need to know exactly what you can afford to play with, and honestly lose because before you begin any gambling it’s important to think of that cash as a loss, this way you are not going to miss it. If you, for example, visit a casino think of your money put aside to lose as the price of a ticket to play the games for the night. Otherwise, you are going to fall into the trap of chasing your losses as you are going to think that you can get it back, which is all wrong and a sure path to big problems.

Get Help

If you do find yourself with a problem then seek help from YGAM or any other gambling addiction help group in your area.

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