The Eventual Wedding Checklist: A Wedding Planning Guide

Have you finalized your wedding dates? Haven’t you prepared for your wedding checklist? Are you worried about it?

We are here to share the ultimate guide, which can resolve all your problems.

Planning your wedding could be stressful at times.

To plan our wedding we make endless ideas, but they don’t stay in our head for more than an hour. A step by step wedding planning timeline can save you from a lot of problems.

Every one puts 110% effort to make their wedding day one of the best days of life as it never comes again for the majority.

Guest List Preparation

Preparing a guest list is of utmost importance; no wedding is completed without guests and witnesses. To share the momentous occasion with you, invite them.

For that:

You have to prepare the guest list to which you want to invite at your wedding. Start with the people close to you like your family members, friends, colleagues, etc.

Make sure and be careful as your food menu and quantity will depend on this list.

Mode of Invitation

Next step is to select the mode of invitation. Choose an impressive and unique way to invite people. You can find best save the date templates.

There are many captivating invitation ideas available on the internet. Select the quickest and reliable source through which you will send an invitation.

Divide the Responsibilities

Do not take everything on your shoulder as there are many little and significant tasks to be done on a wedding. Assign them to your close ones or family members to share the burden.

Choose the Best Wedding Planner

Many people fail to choose the best wedding planners; in the result, they lost the charm of the wedding.

Be conscious and search for the best wedding planners to make your event memorable.

Everything should be done a paper to avoid consequences.

Shopping Time

Select an appropriate time for shopping in a day to save hours. Search for the latest trends and fashion in the market before going there. Make a list of things which you want to buy.

Ask your friends to accompany you in the shopping; two are better than one. Take the list with you to save time.

Check Your Budget

Before doing anything and planning check your budget as is it enough to plan a wedding or you want to take a loan.

Try to do things within your budget. Set a rough estimate of all the expenses to have an idea.

Spare some money in your wallet

After a rough estimate, spare some money for surprise expenses. Try to allocate an extra 5 to 10 % to your costs.

We may miss out many things in preparing a checklist, so always leave a room in your wallet for unwanted expenses.

Select the Venue & Menu

Finalize the venue according to the available dates. The venue must be selected according to the number of guests. It must be spacious, not congested.

Most awaited thing:

Everyone craves and wait for the delicious food. You know the taste of people you invite to set the menu according to their liking.

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