The Frontman and Producer Of Machete Band Spoke About Their New Album

The producer of Machete band, Mikhail Peleg, is sure that the band’s popularity is due to the deep meaning of their songs. Each composition is lyrical and emotional; the audience likes it because they find themselves in the lyrics.

The founder of Machete band, Yaroslav Malyi, shared future plans for his creative career and the secrets of writing real hits with his audience.

If you listen to previously released songs of the band, you can find a clear pattern. All tracks are filled with kindness and love. They charge the audience with positive vibes and inspiration. Yaroslav highlights the fact that when he writes lyrics he tries to make them as clear and straightforward as possible. People catch light and unobtrusive motives, but at the same time they listen to the words meaning. Therefore, some songs that are philosophical and moral in nature make you think about the important things that we encounter in everyday life.

Producer Mikhail Peleg tells us that the new songs of the band will be significantly different from those hits that we heard earlier. Now the Machete soloist is interested in topics of the inner world, infinity of love, personal development, and faith. He writes about justice and its absence, about the wasted time and the inability to change the past.

Yaroslav does not hide the fact that his thoughts do not always pour in lines on paper, as it was before. Sometimes he just goes to the studio, turns on the microphone, and begins to read the text. He voices his thoughts and feelings, torment, and assumptions. Then he selects the appropriate music for the future song. In such way many songs appeared in the new album.

Many Machete tracks, released back in 2011, are still popular now. The video for the song “Tenderness” is not like the rest of the clips. It has collected almost 34 million views on the YouTube channel and is considered the author’s best creation.

Mikhail Peleg notes that musicians are always serious about the sound quality of their songs. They work through everything to the smallest detail, to achieve the ideal, in their opinion, sound. We will hear a mix of several styles and genres that the artists managed to combine.

The band plans to go on tour in support of the new album. The central track of the album will be “Sky is my home.” According to the author, the song will be memorable and vibrant.

Nowadays, new performers appear on the scene, struggling to become popular. Few of them understand the real value of songs, listen to words, and find meaning. The majority of modern songs do not carry any meaning. Yaroslav Malyi focuses on the meaning of his songs in all interviews because words can convey love to the audience, endow them with feelings and emotions.

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