The Importance of Electricity In Perpetuating Life

The concept of electricity, reading under a lamp and enjoying artificial breeze was treated as a luxury several years ago. It was a perk that was available to the elites of society. Well, now I guess it is safe to say that the situation has changed and electrical energy has reached every house on the block (or almost). It is impossible to imagine what would become of our lives without this resource. Cut to the chase, there was life before electricity, and there is life after it. But, we cannot fathom what life would have been on the other side because we have never really known that age. Talking about electricity, the first thing that we must understand is that it is not exactly a renewable source of energy. It is produced from non-renewable sources of energy like coal. Thus, if they die out, (which they eventually will, given our nonchalant attitude towards the idea of preserving them) our access to electricity shall also come to a standstill. We tried to provide insight with this article, into what role electricity plays in the survival of the humankind.

This, we hope, shall shake some sense into the delusional brains of those beings on Earth who feel that they are entitled to deplete the resources. Know this and know this well. There is no space for wishful thinking anymore. We have to act now before it is too late. Follow this link strøm365.no/billigste-stromleverandor/ to see how you can avail the cheaper and best quality of electrical power while saving up units for the future.

Why Is Electricity More Than A Commodity?

Electricity was brought within our reach to make our lives easier. It is thus, natural for you to think of it as a commodity. But, that is not quite about it. Every aspect of our life is controlled by electricity. Where would you even go without it? Abraham Maslow came up with a hierarchy of needs in 1943, where he charted out five levels of human development. Every human being must resolve the needs in each of the levels before reaching the last level of self-actualisation. Now, the first level caters to a human being’s physiological needs, that is, food, sleep, drink and the like. However, if the hierarchy of needs was made now, Maslow would probably also include electricity in the first level. Yes, it is that important. It can no longer be confined within the category of a commodity. It has become a necessity. You need it to carry out the vital jobs of the day- charging your phone, washing your clothes, working on your computer. How do you even go about your life without electricity?

Our Survival Depends On It. It Perpetuates Our Existence:

We have covered so far how our drill of survival depends on electrical energy. From the time we wake up till we go to bed, we are surrounded by electrical appliances and technology that requires electrical power to run. Thus, it is no longer a concern to stress on the importance of electricity in our lives. Taking from where we started in this section, our very survival depends on it. That being said, we shall move on to the next point. Electricity is required to perpetuate our existence on this Earth. It is required to preserve life.

Yes, life existed before we had electricity and human beings made it through each day without artificial sources of light. But now that we have known light, it is difficult to spiral back into the abyss of darkness. But, what are the other reasons for our life depending on this source of power? We shall try to answer the question in the following sections.

It Fuels Innovation-

Scientists work day in and day out to invent and innovate. They work relentlessly to make lives easier for us. Such innovations are powered by electricity. Nothing will run without it. Equipment needed for research requires electrical power. Nothing has been able to replace electricity yet, and it will probably take many more years for the perfect substitute to come into the picture. Till then, electricity is all we have.

It Saves Life-

You might not like the sound of it, but electricity saves lives. The ECG machine, the X-ray machine and several others, all work on electricity. The very diagnosis of an affliction would not be possible without electricity.

It Runs Industries-

You might be under the impression that industries run on fossil fuels or other forms of energy. And if one were to state the truth, industries do run on fuels. But, they also require several units of electricity to dispense other functions.


The bottom line of the story is that you need electricity to run errands and most importantly, to run your life. There is no way you can live without it, now that you have gotten a taste of it. But, human beings must be less selfish while using Earth’s resources. We will not grace the planet with our presence forever. But, life shall continue. Therefore, we shall make Earth a better place for our children and see to it that they do not have to suffer while we are gone.

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