The KFC Debacle – A Lesson in Logistics?

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

If a chicken restaurant doesn’t have any chicken, is it a chicken restaurant?

These are just two of the many imponderable quandaries that have had philosophers scratching their chins for centuries. Ok, that was a lie. I made the second one up. But actually, it’s a very pertinent question…

No Chicken?! No Kidding!!

In February, KFC hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons as the majority of UK outlets of the fast-food chain were closed due to logistical problems. Having changed its delivery partner, KFC fell victim to what is being beaked – sorry, billed – as one of the worst logistical failures of recent years.

Despite the incredible damage to KFC’s reputation, the restaurant’s PR managed to make light of the situation:

The chicken crossed the road, just not to our restaurants.

This was part of just one of a series of apologies which attempted to inject a little humour into a subject which was no laughing matter for many…

“I Had to go to Burger King Instead!!”

This was all a very serious situation for many Brits who didn’t know what to do without their fix of the Colonel’s secret chicken recipe. People called the police; some wrote to their local MP; others went to Burger King in desperation. What on earth did they do with themselves when Kentucky Fried Chicken only existed in Kentucky?! Anyway, people really missed it to say the least. I think this shows something of the British love for simple pleasures.

No Poultry Matter

Whilst this story is littered with amusing quotes and anecdotes, it all belies a much more serious business issue.

The courier in question failed to deliver their promise to their new business partner. Whether this was due simply to poor preparation, technological failure or human error (albeit on a huge scale), business was badly effected in both camps. Perhaps KFC were naive in handing over the keys to the delivery vans? But the courier chosen by KFC entered the world of chicken as seasoned professionals; they appeared to be a set of safe hands.

It may be in fact that the courier was greedy. If they were greedy for chicken they certainly disposed of the evidence quickly…

Ultimately their apparent greed and gung-ho attitude backfired dramatically, leading to huge damage to both companies.

A Lesson in Logistics

In KFC’s case – and to mix my metaphors – the grass isn’t always greener on the other side because the chicken didn’t cross the road. The initial courier was reinstated just days after the debacle.

However it is possible to find a courier that offers a trustworthy, reliable and well-managed service. This is vital to ensuring your business doesn’t meet a similar fate to that experienced by the famous chicken restaurant. Could your business get better service and value?

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it was delivered by real professionals, of course!

Did you miss KFC or are you wondering what all the fuss was about?

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