The Memory Card Corrupt Cautions You Must Know

Without keeping your memory card or SD card in the right way, several problems might happen. The common problem is memory card corruption and it triggers the system to delete photos or any kind of data inside the memory card automatically.

Don’t get angry with this condition. Let’s find out the signs of memory card corruption and how do you recover deleted photos caused by memory card corruption.

Black Screen and Error Message

Actually, a corrupt memory card is easy to detect. The first sign is that you see a black screen when you are inserting it to the devices.

Then, you can also see an error message that the memory card is not accessible. The error message also explains that the directory is corrupted and unreadable.

The Data is Gone

You may glad if the computer is still able to read the memory card even if it is corrupt. But you also have to check the data inside the memory card.

Most of the photos or data on your corrupt memory card will be gone and you can’t find it there. It’s really a terrible problem, isn’t it?

The Memory Card is Empty

Even if you try to read the memory card from the computer system, there is no folders or files appear. It seems that the memory card is empty.

Anytime you want to read the memory card there will be an error message said that the reading or writing process can’t be done properly. Indeed, it is the strong indication that there is something wrong with your memory card.

Unreadable Files

There is a case that you are able to see folders and files in the memory card. You might be very happy with that but too bad, by the time you open the folder or file it is unreadable. Even, there is an error message said that the memory card is error or corrupt.

Unable to Copy and Paste the Data in the Memory Card

In the case that you can see the folders and files definitely, you want to do something to save the data, right? The common action to do is moving the data from the corrupt memory card. You just directly copy and try to paste the data into the computer.

Of course, it is unable to do and there will be a message saying that the write is protected anytime you want to copy and paste the data.

Sign to Format the Memory Card

Another case of corruption memory card is that your computer is able to detect the card. The problem is that there is no data or files on it at all whereas you keep all them there. Then there is a message said that the memory card has to be formatted.

The system asks you whether you want to format the memory card or not. If you want to get your data back, it is better to choose no and terminate the process. Indeed, your memory card is corrupt.

You Can’t Do Anything with the Memory Card

One way to check whether the memory card is corrupt or not is by doing something. Let say, you can try to copy, paste, save, or delete something to or from the memory card. If the memory card is corrupt, you can’t do anything at all.

There is a possibility that you will be warned that the memory card is corrupt or the memory card has to be formatted.

The Role of Data Recovery Software to Get Data from Corrupt Memory Card Back

As long as the computer is able to read the memory card, there is still a hope to restore the data on your memory card.

The best and safe way to handle this problem is by downloading the best data recovery software. The software helps to restore data in which the regular ways can’t handle it anymore.

The software works in three ways.

  • The system tries to detect the memory card.
  • The system is scanning the memory card to launch the lost data. Even, some of the systems are supported by a deep scanning mode for a better result.
  • The system helps to restore the lost data back so it can be used normally.

The best data recovery software is able to restore data from any kind of devices such as computer hard drive, SD card, digital camera, and including memory card.

The system is also compatible with some file formats including text, audio, video, photo, and even email. By choosing the best data recovery software you can do the process simple and fast due to the user-friendly features.


Memory card corruption is the common problem which makes you lost important data. Here, you can check the sign of memory card corruption and the way to restore the data back.

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