The Oils Have it: Which Should You Choose for Your Popcorn?

Several years ago the results of a study were released warning the consumer of the ills of movie theater popcorn. The news that theater popcorn was trans-fat soaked and laden with unhealthy oils caused a decline of sales in an entire generation of theater popcorn lovers. The good news is that the popcorn industry got busy finding healthier and just as tasty alternatives to make popcorn enthusiasts across the nation smile again.

If you want to get the same movie theater popcorn taste right from your own kitchen, then it is not only possible, but one better, you can tweak it your own way to have the best movie theater popcorn ever. Depending on what type of popcorn machine you have at your disposal, the right popping oil for popcorn can give you the chance to munch on an amazing snack, stay home, turn on a movie and have the full theater experience from the comfort of your own couch.

Many homeowners have invested in popcorn machines that make popcorn similar to the type that you see in the concession stands of movie theaters around the United States. If you are looking for something other than vegetable oil to use in your popcorn machine, try these awesome alternatives.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil might have gotten a bad rap, but it is one of the best oils to use for your home popcorn machine. Sure, it might be loaded with fat, but it is the good kind of fat (yes, such a thing exists). The hidden wealth of goodness coconuts possess is just beginning to be understood. Coconut oil also has an abundance of vitamins and minerals, which will make you feel much less guilty chowing down on popcorn.

The distinct taste of popcorn made with coconut oil is rich and, when mixed with salt, is a treasure trove for anyone looking for the perfect kernel of popped corn. A one-of-a-kind taste, now you can get it at home and enjoy it just as much as you do when watching the big screen.

Canola Oil

A low-fat alternative to coconut oil is canola oil. The taste of popcorn popped in canola oil is extremely similar to that of coconut. The benefits of canola oil is that it has a lower fat content, which is good for people who are trying to watch their fat intake.

The only catch is that if you are going to use canola oil, you should be aware that it burns up super quickly, which means that the popcorn is more likely to scorch. So, you might want to keep a close eye when popping. If you set the temperature slightly lower, then you shouldn’t have any problems and be able to enjoy the crunchy treat.

Peanut Oil

If you want a unique taste from your popcorn, try using peanut oil (the unfiltered variety). Peanut oil makes a fluffier version of popcorn and has fewer calories than coconut oil. Be careful, however, with so many peanut allergies in the world, if you are having guests, you will want to check and make sure that no one will have an adverse reaction to your popcorn.

Sunflower Oil

For someone looking for a nutty flavor, sunflower oil delivers. If you want to make your popcorn taste fresher for longer, sunflower oil might be your ticket. The oil of a sunflower has a preserving effect, so your popcorn really will taste fresher for a longer length of time. If you are going to pop ahead of time, sunflower oil is probably your best choice to make sure your popcorn will last.

Olive Oil

For someone looking for the healthiest oil to pop their beloved snack in, olive oil is it. Popcorn that is popped in olive oil has a distinct rich taste that many people love, and they will also love that it isn’t super unhealthy for them.

Take heart! Even though movie theater popcorn may have gotten a bad rapport, if you use any of these oils at home, your popcorn will taste like the real deal and be healthy, to boot. Try experimenting with different oils and different herbs to make a gourmet snack.

Or, just go the traditional route by popping away and pouring some regular butter over the top. Either way, popcorn makes a great movie snack. Satisfy your taste buds and get some popcorn back in your life.


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