The Streamlined Startup – 7 Tips for Simplifying Your Business

Owning your own business can be both arduous and challenging. There are reports to read, supplies to order, employees to pay, and invoicing to complete. Since Australians are such creatures of habit, we can get ourselves into a rut when it comes to our business life.

Instead of using outdated practices, manual processes, and antiquated payment methods, you should change to more accessible and more cost-effective techniques that can make your life much more productive and allow more time to be spent working on new ideas rather than putting out fires caused by outdated systems.

Keep reading for the top seven tips for simplifying your small business.

#1. Utilise Apps

Applications are becoming very popular for Australians. Since we are continually using our phones for digital services, we require more and more technology that allows us to use our devices to order, pay, and everything in between. This includes how you run your small business as well.

Apps for accountants and other professionals assist you in making your business accessible from anywhere you are. An invoice app allows you to manage your invoicing on the run where you can accept online payments, send unlimited invoices, and track not yet paid invoices to get a handle on the cash flow of your business.

#2. Automate All Your Systems

The next excellent suggestion for simplifying your business is to automate your operations. Instead of changing, we get into a rut, and we stay that way, regardless if it is our personal life or our business life. With change comes success and it is a wise business practice to utilise the newest software and tools.

#3. Develop Templates

Another great way to make business life more comfortable is to stop wasting time answering the same questions over and over. If you have specific emails that are asking the same questions repeatedly, develop a template to save you the time of writing the same information constantly. Not only are they good for emails, but templates can be created for ordering as well as invoicing.

#4. Simplify the payment process

When someone wants to give you money, why make it difficult? People are always in a rush in Australia and everywhere nowadays. If they have a few minutes to pay bills before they are onto the next meeting or task, do not make it hard for them to pay you, or you will not be paid. Since cash and check payment or no longer in the majority anymore, you need to get set up to take online payments. Let technology work for you!

#5. Use Your Time Wisely

Another vital key to simplifying your business is to use your time wisely, as it is not a renewable source. Instead of wasting time answering emails all morning, use that time when you are at your freshest and most creative to get your ideas into production.

#6. Go Digital

Have you switched your invoicing process from manual to digital? If not, you may be missing out on revenue. The process of handwriting invoices and placing them in the mail are long gone. With just a couple of clicks, you can send the invoice. If it is not paid in a timely fashion, you can send a quick reminder with the click of a button. Going digital will increase your business profits and simplify your business tenfold!

#7. Consolidate Tasks

The last essential tip in making your business more productive is to consolidate functions. We get caught up in the day to day flow of meetings and emails, that we don’t have the time to be productive with invoicing, accounts receivable, or supply ordering. Make sure to streamline email by checking it only three times a day and keep your meetings to a minimum.

Streamline Your Small Business

Streamlining your business is both a smart solution as well as a profitable one. You will not be wasting time, material supplies, or the ability of a hard-working employee. It allows you to focus more on the big ideas rather than on the day-to-day flow of the business.

Whether you create templates, make the payment process more comfortable, go digital, utilise apps, or any of the other suggestions that were mentioned, you will notice your business becoming much more accessible to operate!

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