The Top 5 Things To Look For In Langley Used Car Dealerships

If you’re looking for a used car, and you’ve been browsing through listings for Langley used car dealerships, you may not know where to start – especially because, in the past, used car dealers had a reputation for being pushy and providing false information about the quality of their vehicles.

This is (mostly) not true today. The vast majority of Langley used car dealerships have had to get their act together, due to stiff competition from companies like TrueCar, CarMax, and OEM dealerships selling used cars alongside new models.

However, there still are some sub-par dealers out there. Want to know how to avoid them? Look for these following attributes to find a great Langley used car dealership.

#1. Salespeople Who Are Friendly, But Not Overly-Pushy

When you step onto the parking lot at a used car dealership, salespeople are going to do their best to sell you a car. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.

But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with salespeople who are aggressive, or overly-pushy. If you make it clear that you’re just browsing and gathering information, they should back off, and be helpful and friendly – without trying to push you into a purchase or unwanted test drive.

Buying a car is all about respect. And the staff at a good Langley used car dealership will respect your boundaries and desires above their need to sell a car.

#2. Good Overall Customer Reviews

Before you head into a dealership, it’s best to do some online research about the business. Look for information about:

  • Sales volume
  • Typical age of the cars being sold
  • Finance companies they work with
  • Age of business
  • Reputation on Google Reviews, Yelp, The Better Business Bureau, etc
  • Common customer complaints or issues

If you find a dealership with positive overall reviews, and a long history in the community, chances are they’ll take good care of you when you’re buying a used car in Langley.

#3. Reasonable Prices

One good way to understand the quality of a used car dealer is to check their online prices and compare them to a third-party valuation website, like Kelley Blue Book, or TrueCar. Both of these websites can help you understand how much a particular vehicle has sold for in your area.

If their listings are high, compared to the valuation you got, they may expect you to negotiate during the sales process, or they may simply be over-valuing all of their vehicles.

However, if their prices are extremely low, they may be looking to get customers in the door with a low online price – and then say they can’t provide you with that price due to a listing error or other “issue”.

As a rule, try to find a dealer selling cars that are close to their true value. This ensures you won’t need to negotiate too much or deal with a “bait-and-switch”.

#4. Works With Multiple Third-Party Financing Companies

Don’t work with a dealership that only finances cars on their own. These are also called “Buy Here, Pay Here” dealerships. This is a bad thing because the dealer directly benefits from a higher loan value – so they may add extras and fees to boost their profits.

Ideally, find a dealer that works with several banks or credit unions, and accepts pre-approval from your banking institutions.

#5. Willingness To Let You Take An Extended Test Drive – Or Schedule A Vehicle Inspection

A test drive of 30 minutes to an hour gives you plenty of time to get acquainted with a vehicle, so this is the minimum you should look for when shopping for a used car.

In addition, as long as you show serious interest in a car, the dealer should be willing to let you get a third-party mechanical inspection if you foot the bill. This is a good idea, as it can help you detect potential mechanical issues – and back out of the sale, or negotiate a better price based on their findings.

Follow These Tips – Find Great Langley Used Car Dealerships Near You!

Whether you need to replace your car on a budget or get a gently-used car for your kid, you’re in good hands if you find a reputable Langley used car dealership. So follow this guide, and enjoy a smooth, hassle-free car-buying process.

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