The Top Social Media Sites For Business

When we think of social media, we think of three or four of the big guys. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube come to mind and maybe one or two sites that appeal to your peer group. But, in reality, there are hundreds and hundreds of social media sites. Wikipedia publishes a very small percentage of the total with a list of 323 social media active social media sites, acknowledging that it is only a partial list.

Of course, it would not be a wise marketing move to try to utilize all social media sites in any business marketing campaign. You would need to target the larger sites that operate in your country and that have a large follower base. In some cases, you may find some that you would not have considered. But, if they are in your niche, and they have a good following, you might want to consider them. This is the reason we recommend that you look at the top social media sites for business.

Keep up!

Before you invest your marketing funds, let your marketing team or firm do a current case study. This is why. When Facebook came along, it was all about teenagers. They were all over Facebook. If you were marketing something to the teen market, it was a great target. But, then mom and dad learned about Facebook. They liked sharing stories on Facebook. They felt safe enough to let their pre-teens on. Soon grandma was on Facebook too. The teens bolted to the next big deal. Does that mean you will not hit the market if you pitch them on Facebook. No, but we are saying, you could spend too much to get an acceptable ROI (return on investment.) It may be possible to reach more of your target audience on a different platform.

I Want Them All!

If this is your plan, you are already walking down the wrong path. Yes, there are a lot of people on the internet. There are a lot of websites, and a lot of brands. You want to build your brand until it is a household name. That is commendable. But, do not waste valuable resources trying to build your brand with people who do not and will not ever need it. For example, how much of your marketing money would you allocate to sell speed boats to the blind? Yes, this is a silly example, but you get the idea. Instead, select your social media based on their ability to reach the right people and your ability to build your brand.

Our Top 10 Social Media Sites

Below, you will find our choices for the best social media sites for business. Keep in mind, the selection can and often do change:

  • Facebook: 2.32 Billion users
  • YouTube: 1.9 Billion users
  • Whats app: 1.6 Billion Users
  • Messenger: 1.3 Billion Users
  • We Chat: 1.01 Bullions Users
  • Instagram: 1 Billion Users
  • QQ: 807 Million Users
  • Twitter: 335 Million Users
  • Linkedin: 294 Million Users

As you look over our favorites, you will notice they are across the board. This list would help a company that reaches a worldwide audience. We would not use all of these in a single brand building campaign. Depending on our targets, we may select completely different sites altogether. We know the importance of social media. We follow it, we make a note of the social overtones of the site. And, when the time is right, we step up.

It is there forever, with your name on it

What you post on the internet, is there forever. If you make a mistake, you will have to live with it. So, be very careful. The internet is a powerful tool, so respect it and it will respect you. While your error will never go away, it will (eventually) work itself down the search engine results. Until then, you will have to laugh “with” your guest at a few dinner parties. They will stop one of these days.

Social media is a requirement in balancing a brand today. You are not going to get the exposure you need without it. The sooner you begin the better. The computer is where your potential customer will look for you. Make sure they can find you,

Steve Max
Steve Maxhttp://www.webzando.com/
A long time digital entrepreneur, Steve has been in digital marketing since 2010 and over the past decade he has built & executed innovative online strategies for leading companies in car insurance, retail shopping, professional sports and the movie & television industry.


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