The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Bed

Sleep is so important to our health and our cognitive functioning. While we sleep our body restores and repairs itself and the brain forms vital connections that help make sure our mental functions are operating at full capacity. The importance of sleep means that we can’t afford to be blasé about our sleeping arrangements. They need to be right to give us the chance to achieve the best rest possible so that we don’t compromise our health and mental capacity. Here is our guide to choosing the perfect bed so that your rest is as restorative as possible.

Think about the size of the room

To maximise your relaxation period you need to choose a bed that matches the size of your room. If you place a huge bed, for instance, into a small bedroom you will find that you have not only lost space but that it can look rather comical. If you are someone who appreciates aesthetics this might cause you to feel stress every time you retire to your room at night. Make sure your bed is the right size for your room and think about making your room appeal to your taste.

Give yourself room to spread out

Why not think about investing in a bigger bed if you are finding yourself cramped at night? A partner who likes to stretch out or children climbing into bed with us in the middle of the night can reduce our sleeping area quite considerably. Opt for a King-size, Super-King or Emperor-size for a really good nights sleep. Moving these beds can be difficult, so opt for a bed on casters to make it easier. While you are there read our post about what castors can do for your home to remind yourself how good they are.

Beds and mattresses should work together

The type of bed that you purchase should dictate which type of mattress that you use. If you purchase a spring base, you should opt for a sprung mattress, likewise, beds with slats work best with a foam mattress. If you choose an adjustable bed base you will also need to choose a mattress that suits.

Make sure it looks good as well as feels good

To make you want to relax into it, your bed needs to look inviting. This means you need to invest in the right bedding, that looks and feels good against your skin, something that makes you excited about climbing into bed at the end of the day. Make sure that you make your bed properly at the beginning of every day too, so that it is ready and waiting for you at night.

You get what you pay for

Remember, that you always get what you pay for and this is never more true than when it comes to choosing a bed. If you want a quality night’s sleep you need a bed that is going to support you. This might not be the cheapest bed but we assure you won’t regret any extra investment you put into such an important piece of furniture.

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