The Ultimate Moleskin Guide: Choosing the Right Size and Style

A Moleskine is an absolute classic. They’re sleek, stylish, functional and resilient, everything that you need in a notebook! The concept of noting or planning out your life onto pen and paper is increasingly sparse, however, there’s no better way to organize and reflect on your every day than writing in a diary. Opting for a Moleskine book is always a good idea, its a traditional brand that definitely knows what it’s doing when it comes to crafting a perfect diary, journal or planner. If you’re thinking of making the wise decision to invest in a Moleskine, here’s the ultimate guide to selecting the right option for you.

When it comes to purchasing a Moleskine, you have a lot of options. Your first consideration should be as to what size you need. The size you choose should rest on your day to day lifestyle, and what you’ll be using your book for. If you’re carrying your Moleskine with you to meetings, an A5 would suit you best, however, if you want a book that’s going to live on your desk or coffee table, you’ll be needing something bigger. The sizes available in Moleskine notebooks include:

Soft Cover

Pocket – 9 x 14 cm

Large – 13 x 21 cm

Extra Large – 19 x 25 cm

Hard Cover

Extra Small – 6.5 x 10.5 cm

Pocket – 9 x 14 cm

Large -13 x 21 cm

Whether you select soft or hardcover depends on how much you’ll be transporting your Moleskine. If you’re slipping it in and out of your bag, using it at meetings in all different environments, or working on public transport, consider a hardcover. This will give a little structure to you writing and will enable you to use your book without having to worry about the integrity of the internal pages.

A softcover is best for a notebook that experiences light usage, ideally a piece that sits on your desk at home or in the office. Its flexibility enables you to carry your book around comfortably however, proceed with a little caution, as it’s not as sturdy as a hardcover.

Once you’ve decided on the right size and cover for your Moleskine, you can start to think about style! The offering at Moleskine is far and wide, with a huge range of diaries, journals, and even bags, they definitely know how to cater to the masses. Moleskine focuses on creating notebooks that fit anyone’s individual style, taking the item from a functional afterthought to center stage.

Moleskine Range

You’ll find that Moleskine makes notebooks for absolutely every occasion. Their product offering includes variations such as:

Moleskine Classic: This is your traditional notebook, use this for all notes, as a journal or even as a recipe book.

Moleskine Diaries: Dated diaries that will organize your life for you! A Moleskine diary is a must for the start of every year.

Moleskine Cahier: A soft covered, rustic looking book to have by your side for any casual noting, ideas or doodles.

Moleskine Professional: These are made for productivity! If you’re a student, a professional or you need a book that’s going to keep your ideas organized, go for the pro! With weighty paper, numbered pages and to-do list inserts, this really is the perfect book for a busy professional.

As with any style decision, the color and feel that you decide on should embody who you are and what you love. Moleskine makes themed and limited edition books for the die-hard design lover to revel in! When it doubt, a solid, classic color will never go wrong.

Moleskine really is the first choice for luxurious, classic notebooks that last. By now you should be ready to invest in the right one for you and your everyday life!

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