The Winds of Change: 4 of the Most Pressing Challenges of Today’s IT Industry

Tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and even Uber are constantly transforming how we work, do business, share and store information, as well as travel. This transformation significantly helps better our life by improving the many of its aspects, but also comes with a number of challenges that vary from one to the other. Here, we look at four of the greatest among these challenges.


While everyone today wants to share documents through some cloud solution, communicate through email, purchase goods and pay bills conveniently online, that interconnectedness and convenience come at a cost: it means that people’s personal details are out there in the web and potentially vulnerable to theft.

Yes, tech professionals are always working hard to guarantee the safety of this wealth of personal data. Unfortunately, with nearly 97% of organizations featured in this recent FireEye survey having been breached, cybercriminals seem to be working even harder to get their hands on it.

With a constantly growing number of attack vectors including data, network, endpoint and more, the threat of cyber-attack is more menacing than ever. This underscores the critical need for advanced behavioral monitoring that’s able to detect even the smartest cybercriminals skulking behind privileged credentials.

The impact of artificial intelligence and robotics

It’s true that robots and artificial intelligence (AI) are lessening the bulk of droning tasks, especially within the industrial environment. However, adopting automated business solutions also means that people’s jobs in the IT industry are threatened.

There is also the fear around the prospect of technology outfoxing financial markets, outmaneuvering human leaders, beating human researchers, or even developing weapons that humans cannot understand.

These concerns are genuine and call for the creation of good policy around the research and application of AI and robotic technology.


Innovation involves research, which can get really costly every so often. Additionally, there are other costs related to adoption and the use of various forms of technology. Technology continues to evolve, making the business world ever more complex. Fortunately, there are smart companies such as moogsoft.com that are working to build human-centered technologies that are simpler to understand and adapt. Eventually, users can cut the costs of training their IT personnel and achieve more with accelerated innovation.

Skills gap

Massive adoption of various technologies means that IT job openings are constantly increasing. Regrettably, businesses every so often fail to get the skillset they are looking for to fill the roles that emerge. Sometimes outsourcing of the required skills becomes inevitable, but at what cost?

When organizations seek outside labor or help for that matter, there’s the lurking risk of getting unreliable solutions that could threaten their security.


Whether you’re an emerging entrepreneur or an established, blue-chip corporate head, these challenges facing the IT industry apply equally across the board. As such, it is important to treat them as urgent and pressing, and particulate in finding lasting solutions that will benefit the IT marketplace as a whole.

Steve Max
Steve Maxhttp://www.webzando.com/
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