These 5 Natural Sinusitis Medicines Will Help You Heal Your Sinusitis

The colors of fall, the chilly winds, and breakfast at bed bring the much-awaited joy we all cherish in autumn. But let’s face it: this season also brings some unfavorable health conditions. It’s natural to see people sneezing, coughing, and sniffling while others going through the worst, i.e. sinusitis.

Though the symptoms of sinus infections may go away in a couple of weeks, it’s wise to consult sinus doctors to know if you have chronic sinusitis and whether you should go for a serious treatment.

Essential Oils

Sometimes, all you need is something as natural as essential oils. Since such oils are plant-derived, they help is relieving sinus pressure.

Though different kinds of essential oils that serve the purpose well, it’s worth using menthol essential oil because of its unique property: as you apply this oil, menthol will trigger a sensation in your mind and you’ll feel that the nasal passages are unblocking.

You can use menthol essential oil as a natural medicine by adding a few drops to a cup of hot water. Breathing in its steam through your nose will do the trick.

Homemade Nasal Drops

Tired of dealing with nasal congestion? You can get rid of this discomfort by trying nasal irrigation. Though nasal sprays are available on the market, misusing them may lead to side effects. Therefore, a better option is to use homemade nasal drops as a natural medicine to treat sinusitis.

To prepare nasal drops at home, take half a cup of lukewarm water and dissolve half teaspoon salt in it. Get a squeeze bottle and fill it up with this mixture. Pour 5 nasal drops into your nostril, and then, tilt your head for a few seconds till the drops come out from the other nostril. Doing this with both nostrils will help you flush away the irritants and bacteria while soothing your sinuses.

Ginger Root And Turmeric

Switching from black coffee to turmeric and ginger tea can do wonders in relieving your sinus issues. This is especially true because of the medicinal benefits of turmeric. To make your morning tea, you need a pinch of black pepper, a few drops of lemon juice, one teaspoon turmeric, and a two-inch piece of fresh ginger.

Combine these ingredients in water and steep it for a minute. Pour this herbal tea into a cup and take a sip. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric and ginger will help reduce swelling in your sinus cavities.

Apple Cider Vinegar

You might have heard how effective apple cider vinegar is for accomplishing your weight loss goal. But did you know this magical ingredient could help with treating sinusitis?

Interestingly, you only need two to three tablespoons of unfiltered, raw apple cider vinegar. Pour it into hot water and sip on. This amazing tea will help control sinus pressure and relieve congestion by thinning out the mucus.

For best results, it’s recommended to use a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar thrice a day. Don’t like the bitter taste? You can make it sweeter by adding a bit of honey.


Who knew hydration could be the key to clearing out that stubborn mucus? Drinking plenty of water is even good for relieving your irritated sinuses. If you’re bored with drinking plain water, try some detox liquids, fruit juices, and herbal teas. At the same time, you should stay away from alcohol, smoking, and caffeine as these may dehydrate your body.

The Takeaway

Nothing compares to the sinusitis medicines that are made from natural ingredients. However, you need to be sure that you’re having the right dosage of these home remedies because the misuse or overuse may lead to certain side effects. That’s why it’s best to consult your doctor before incorporating these medicines to your daily sinus treatment routine.

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