Tips and Tricks for Home Security

Since your home is a sanctuary, beefing up its security details should be your top priority. If your house is under-secured or you’ve been a victim of break-in lately, this might compromise the safety you feel in your house. For this reason, it’s good to consult experts from various leading home security systems to help you with advice on how to keep your home protected. But before that, we will share some of the simplest tricks and tips for home security.

Let’s find out what you need to do

Never Provide Places for Intruders to Hide

Trim bushes and shrubs that might give an intruder a place to hide or unseen access to your windows. You need to trim back any trees that are long enough to reach the window. You can as well light up your entire compound. Check out the places around your home that tend to be dark and might let an intruder get into your house while covered by darkness. Install security lights in different parts that can light up entryways. Motion sensor lights are an ideal solution since they conserve energy and won’t bother other people with the bright beams.

Never Advertise Your Absence

If you intend to be away from home for a while, never advertise to anyone. Most people love to share, and intruders like that since they will get some information. Tweeting that you have arrived at the airport or updating your Facebook status showing that you are leaving for your cruise is a better way to tell thieves that your home is unoccupied. Keep the information about your vacation and photo sharing and use it when you come back.

If you are going for a vacation, get a trustworthy friend to check in and collect the mail, fliers or newspaper that might be at your entryway. If a newspaper has been sitting on your door for some days, an intruder will know that no one is home. Any day that you think you will be away for the night make sure the indoor lights are set to a timer.  When lights are on, intruders will assume that you are home already.

Make Sure the Yard is Always Clean to Preclude Giving Intruders an Advantage

In most cases, intruders will get into your house through a window they will break. It’s good that you don’t offer the equipment to do that, so your yard should be free from broken tree branches after a heavy storm. Make sure your children store their toys after using them outside. Your ladder should always be kept in the garage and not outside since the intruder will use it to get to a higher window that can be broken.

Invest in a Home Alarm System

Even though the alarm might not keep intruders from attacking your house, it will deter some and bring security police to your house fast. Home security systems will be effective once you engage in an alarm system. Make sure the alarm system is engaged when you are away or even when at home since many intruders will try to break into other parts of the house as you are busy in another.

Protect your Sliding Entryways

Sliding glass entryway is created with flimsy locking systems. An intruder can pop through and get fast access to your house. So, adding a security bar to your sliding door will make the gaining access to the house hard. This protection measure should be used in sliding doors and windows.

Change the Locking System When Needed

If you just bought a house from a different person, the first thing should be calling a locksmith to your house. You don’t know who has the spare key just waiting for the right time to use it. Moreover, if you experienced a break-in recently, make sure you change the locking system. You can also test how strong your door locks by using these simple items.

Take Precautions to Secure Your Windows

If you are buying new windows for your house, it may be worth the upgrade to purchase the shatterproof glass. This will prevent any person from breaking the window to get into your house. If purchasing new windows isn’t your budget, you can add a security film to the windows. This will prevent the glass from shattering once someone tries to break it. It will also deter intruders from trying to gain access.

Lock Your Doors and Windows

Make sure your windows and doors are locked when you are away, when going to bed and when they are not in use.  If you love to sleep while the window is open during the night, add some window locks such that the window can be opened a few inches. The garage door should be down even during the day. Leaving the garage door open attracts intruders to pop into it.

Final Word

Ensuring your family, and home is protected doesn’t involve breaking a bank. A couple of modifications like these home security hacks explained here can secure every person and everything for many years.

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