Tips for Creating a Travel Photo Book

Digital photography came with a long list of benefits. For instance, we no longer have to wait for the film to be developed and we do not have to pay for wasted frames on lousy images.

Unfortunately, it means that your great travel photos could be stuck on hard drives, SD cards, and computers, as opposed to being out in the world for you and other people to enjoy. If you are looking for a better way of preserving the precious photos you took during your vacation, then a travel photo book is an excellent choice for you. Below is a rundown of some tips you can count on to get yourself the best photo books.

Pick your Story

For your photo book to make sense, it should tell a story. You should have the story you want to tell in mind and organize your photos in such a way that they can narrate it to anyone who is going to peruse through your book.

Look Around

If you are trying this for the first time, the whole process may feel quite intimidating. However, you don’t have to panic. Don’t shy away from looking at other people’s photo books and get the idea of what a photo book entails.

Remember that Less is More

No two photo book designs are going to look exactly the same. Therefore, there are no limits on how many pictures you should put on any given page. However, it is wise to give your photos some “breathing space.” Consider that if you clatter a page with more than eight pictures, it may be impossible to focus on any one of them.

Include Some Text

Some photo books can immensely benefit from a bit of text. If you want to tell a story, adding some text can go a long way in helping you to narrate your story. There are no limits as to how much text you can add. However, the text should be concise, and it should not overcrowd the pages. For instance, you can include names, locations, dates, and captions to enrich your travel photo book.

Ask for Help

Although most publishers’ design tools are intuitive, they may require some practice especially if you don’t have a lot of experience. But you shouldn’t worry particularly if you are using Mixbook.com. The publisher has excellent customer service and a team of professionals, who are ready to listen to you and offer any assistance that you may need. In other words, with the help from Mixbook photo book design professionals, you can still make your best photo book even if you are just a beginner.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that although digital photography as associated with many benefits, the greatness of a printed photo cannot be overemphasized. The great feeling that comes with perusing a photo book cannot be compared to the experience of scrolling through a computer. Besides, creating a travel photo book can go a long way in helping you to tell a story about your vacation in the most exciting way. If you are thinking of creating your photo book and you don’t know where to start, the above-discussed tips will go a long way in helping you to get yourself the best photo book to tell your story to the world.

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