Tips for Decorating with an Area Rug

What are you looking for in a rug? Are you buying one to fit into an existing decor style, or did you happen to find one you fell in love with and absolutely had to have!? There is no wrong answer to your personal tastes, but there may be wrong methods of executing them. If you are trying to incorporate a rug into your home, here are a few tips that can help you choose the right one for you, and how best to use it once you’ve bought it.

Central Theme

The rug can be the centralizing element in a room’s decor, and not just because it is usually in the center of the room. If you find a rug that really draws your attention, snatch it up and base the rest of the decor around it. Decide which color in the rug will work best on the walls. It doesn’t have to be exact. Typically, wall paint should be more muted to make certain pieces in the room stand out anyway. Base the color of the furniture on one of the colors in the rug. Try to match the style of the rug with accent pillows as well.

Adding Accent

You may have carpet in a room, and it may work well with the rest of your decor, but the room still doesn’t look quite right. Consider putting down an area rug. Shop around for a rug that fits your style and incorporates into the room. Make sure it is large enough to allow for all of the furniture near the center of the room to sit on. The room will look better if they do that if two of the legs sit directly on the carpet.

Creating Art

If you have hardwood floors, you can make them work to your advantage. Just like framing a picture, us the color of your floors as a border for your room. Lay a large rug over it, one that comes to approximately a foot or so from the wall, then layer a second, smaller rug over it. This will give you a great look that turns your entire room into a work of art.

Size Matters Not

The size of the rug matters. Too small, and it will be obvious. Even though you may love it, if you purchase a rug that is too large it will look out of place. If you stick to the oversized rug, try and rearrange the furniture a bit to hide the difference. Ensure the rug is centered in the room; the eye will catch if there is a noticeable difference in distances from the edges to the walls. If it is in your living room, spread the chairs out a little more, move the couch back some. This will also display more of the artwork of the rug. If you choose the smaller rug, bring furniture in closer. This can give you a more intimate setting that allows for deeper discussions with friends and family.

Who’s Using, Who’s Cleaning

Who is going to use this rug? Is it one that is going to be in the living room for everyone to step on when they sit down? It’s alright if you and your friends do. Just take into consideration the cleaning and care involved with a rug. You may have to clean it often with all of the traffic into and out of the seating area. Will you have to move any of the furniture to clean it properly; and if so, do you want to take the effort to do this.

Choosing the right material will help with ease of cleaning. If you have children or pets, then you will need to pick out a rug that can withstand the abuse. Kids, with their slime and playdough and food, can be harsh on your new rug. Bubblegum in a shag carpet is just as bad as getting it in their hair; you will have to cut it out to get rid of it.

Same thing with pets; possibly even worse with pets. Gross to think about, but do your pets cough up furballs or mark their territory indoors? Do they scoot across the floor? If so, consider purchasing a rug made of olefin or nylon for durability and stain resistance.

Rugs on a Budget

When you find that great rug that will look great in your house, keep your budget in mind. You don’t want to buy a rug and not have money left over to pay the mortgage. If it is the rug you want but cannot afford it, you may have to be patient and save up. This may be hard in the age of instant gratification, but you don’t want to sacrifice for a non-essential.

Also, keep in mind the cost of redoing an entire room if you are starting over from scratch. If you decide to use the rug as the basis for a decor renovation, your budget may not be able to support it. Then you need to determine if you can re-decorate one piece at a time, or if you can financially continue with the project at all.

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