Tips For Making Your Travel Bills Much More Manageable

It’s not easy to live life to the full when you’re in your 20s and 30s. Most of us aren’t earning big bucks at the moment, and we’re working ever longer hours as well. So finding ways to make the most of our leisure time is really important – probably more than the generations that came before us.

This is the generation which works miracles with small change, whether it’s creating incredible art festivals in the California desert, pioneering a craft beer revolution, or coming up with virtual worlds online. And it’s also a generation that loves to travel.

So how can you blend a love of exploring the world with a budget that struggles to get you out of your own neighborhood? Actually, there are more ways to save money on travel than you think.

Exploit special travel deals for all they are worth

I used to think that my travel would be severely limited. On my wage, a week or two every year to somewhere cheap and not always exciting was pretty much all I could hope for. After a few days in Paris or New York, I was starting to feel guilty about even getting by cash card out of my wallet. And more than a week on a Greek island was out of the question.

But I’ve recently found that my money can go a whole lot further. Actually, it can go thousands of miles further every year by using travel discount codes wisely.

These codes are just like the discount codes you’re probably familiar with from Amazon or other online retailers. The only difference is that they are offered by major travel retailers like Booking.com and expedia. Sure, not every route in the world is covered at one time, but a huge variety of flights and hotels are, so I always make a point of checking Booking discount codes before I do anything else.

Cut the price of travel essentials

Another thing that helps me see the world for less is cutting my spending on the things I need while I’m away. I’ve become an expert in shopping around for credit cards that offer the most competitive exchange rates, which can cost travellers hundreds of pounds, even during relatively short holidays.

I always check for discount codes when shopping for sun cream and toiletries in general (and don’t leave anything to the airport, when prices are through the roof). If I know I’ll be going away five times in the year, I’ll buy in bulk and have a store of things like travel shaving cream and sun-block – which works out much, much cheaper.

Above all, I’ve started to plan out my travel like a military general. That might sound a bit soulless, but it’s actually both fun and useful. Not only do I save money by organising things in advance, I also learn a lot more about the places I need to see and the dishes I can’t miss out on.

So the takeaway is this: shop smart for booking discount codes and plan ahead.

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