Tips on How to Extend the Life of Your Mattress

A good quality mattress that provides the desired support and comfort can be really expensive. While you can expect the mattress to deliver quality performance for 5-10 years, you can extend its life significantly by taking some simple steps. Some practical suggestions guaranteed to safeguard your investment and improve the quality of your sleep:

Ensure Proper Support for the Mattress

You need to make sure that the bed is able to deliver the required support to the mattress. You will also need to check the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty as claims may become void if the right usage had not been complied with. For example, innerspring mattresses must rest on box springs of the right type while memory foam and latex mattresses are required to be placed on a support that is firm. Double beds should definitely have a bar in the center or have multiple slats to be able to bear the substantial weight of the mattress and the sleepers. An annual check of the bed is recommended to ensure that box springs have not worked loose or a supporting slat was broken.

Use a Mattress Protector from Day One

Among the simplest but most effective ways of extending the mattress, life is to use a mattress protector.It is essentially a waterproof material that guards it against spills and bodily discharges like sweat and oil. Additionally, it significantly reduces the accumulation of dirt, debris, and dust that find their way into the mattress in due course. Not only does it keep the surface of the mattress stain-free but it also acts as a deterrent to the build-up of dust mites and fungal spores. Comfort is not an issue as there is a wide variety of fabrics with different feels to suit your personal preferences.Read about the types and advantages of using mattress protectors in detail in puffy mattress reviews 2017.

Clean the Bed Linen on a Regular Basis

When we sleep, out body expels sweat and oil and we also shed hair and dead skin cells. Eating in bed, intercourse, as well as children and pets may leave behind unwanted stuff. These substances promote the growth of bacteria, viruses, and mold spores as well as dust mites that pose a health hazard and also reduce the life of the mattress they come in contact with. You should try and put the bed linen into the wash every week even when you are using a mattress protector, which also should be cleaned as per the instructions of the manufacturer.


With extended use, even the best of mattresses tend to get compressed at the same spots due to body pressure. Since most modern mattresses have multiple layers of construction, it is not advisable to flip them over, however, you should rotate the mattress every six months to distribute the effect of compression. When transporting, make sure that they are properly wrapped to prevent accidental damage. Keep them standing on their sides and take care so that they don’t sag or crease.

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