Tokyo’s Flower Workshop on The Art of Ikebana

The art of flower arrangement in Japan is called Ikebana. This form of art dated back since the early years of the 6th Century. More than just an art, it is also regarded as an activity for reflection and meditation. Based on history, Ikebana is inspired by the Buddhist religion. The Buddhists believed that plants are one of the dwelling places of the spirits or that flowers welcome deities, especially in Shinto tradition. Some Buddhist priests taught the people about the flower arrangements offered at the altars including the meaning of flowers used and the elegant style. In the 15t Century, this Buddhist-style of flower arrangement became popular.

In connection to the Japanese Ikebana, thousands of schools are intended for this art. In fact, there are Ikebana schools from all around the world and the oldest and largest one is Ikenobo. However, some of the popular schools focusing on the art of Ikebana are Ohara and Sogetsu. As time goes by and styles become modern, there are now a variety of styles available for the Ikebana compared to the basic three lines which were used as representation of heaven, earth, and man.

Ikebana flower workshop lessons are available in English through the following top Schools in Tokyo:

Ohara School

Considered as the forefront in terms of modern ikebana, this popular school offers several trial lessons and lessons for beginners and advanced courses for those who want to pursue and learn the art. Reservation is required for any lessons you want to avail. The prices of lessons are reasonable at ¥2,500 or PHP 1,196.14. Prices may change due to change rate. In addition to that, an additional amount is added for the materials to use which may range from ¥4,000 to ¥5,000 or PHP 1,913.83 to PHP 2,392.28.

Sogetsu Foundation

Considered as the most liberal school in terms of Ikebana Art, this is the place where visitors can enjoy off and trial lessons on flower arrangement the ikebana style. Aside from introductory lessons, they also offer lessons for beginners, for intermediate levels, and even for professional practitioners. Some classes are in English, allowing foreigners and other nationalities to understand the lessons. Price is fixed at ¥4,100 or PHP 1,961.67. The international Class is open for different levels but the Introductory Class is only for first timers.

MIFA Meguro International Friendship Association

The aim of the school is to foster the exchange of culture among foreign residents and Japanese in Meguro. Lessons are usually given in groups of at least 10 students and they can bring home the flowers they arranged. They have classes on first and third Tuesdays of each month at ¥1,500 or PHP 717.69 for non-members of MIFA and ¥1,100 or PHP 526.30 for members. If a student or participant decided to cancel the class, he or she needs to pay ¥1,000 for cancellation fee.

Yanesen Tourist Info and Culture Center

Welcoming foreigners, the Tourist Info and Culture Center offers cultural activities and lessons on flowers and flower arrangement that allow students to experience Japanese culture. This is in a local area in Japan that is collectively known to many as Yanesen. It is a neighborhood composed of the Yanaka, Sendagi, and Nezu. They provide 90-minute classes for ¥5,980 or PHP 2,861.17 for individuals and ¥4,850 or PHP 2,320.52 per head for groups with 2 or more members.

Masashi Kaki Design

Kaki Design by Masashi is preferably called as “Japanese-style flower arrangement”. This ikebana art is a style of flower arrangement from the combined Japanese and Western techniques. Instead of the basic methods, which are common in ikebana flower designs, Masashi uses a different style using varieties of flowers, including seasonal flowers and local flowers. He combined the minimalism style with the bulky style. They offer classes for 90 minutes long at a price of ¥6,000 or PHP 2,870.74. After each class, which is composed of brief explanation followed by short demonstration and hands-on flower design, he tours the students around his house and garden.

Atelier Soka

Atelier Soka is a The famous instructor, Mika Otani is a certified Sogetsu student. She is known for various flower arrangements for movie or studio use, for special events, and for restaurant decorations. She offers regular flower workshops and lessons to tourists and foreigners from trial lessons to regular and advanced lessons. She holds her classes in an old ryokan or Japanese Inn that is around 100 years old. The place is set in a traditional mood surrounded with the mesmerizing nature and landscape.  In each of her 100-minute classes, she serves refreshing and calming tea and some snacks to her students. The price of her lessons is ¥7,500 or PHP 3,588.43.


Offering 90 minutes of classes and workshops on weekends, Amisui boasts of decade-long ikebana experience. She aims to give classes to foreigners and tourists so that they get to experience unique Japanese culture in flowers in English and Japanese language. She holds her lessons at the comfort of her home. You can expect her home to be surrounded with beautiful gardens and flowering plants. After each lesson, she also offers delightful snacks and tea. Classes have maximum of 6 participants and minimum of 1. The price of her lesson is ¥10,000 or PHP 4,787.78. Discounts are offered for groups with at least 3 members. Prices already cover the cost of materials, tools, ad accents.

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