Tools and Techniques That Can Be Used By Farmers For Better Production

Farming is important as it plays a huge role in food production in terms of vegetables, fruits among other crops. Farmers today work so hard to ensure there is high agricultural productivity despite the challenges they face. Some of the challenges farmers face include poor weather condition, increased crop diseases, lack of enough financial support among others. Farming is an investment thus why farmers get devastated when the productivity levels are low. Here are some tools and techniques that farmers can use for better production.

Tools For Efficient Farming

Due to growth in technology, there are a lot of modern farming tools that have been introduced so as to help increase production. Some of the tools that farmers can use to increase production are manure spreaders, insect side sprayers, planters, tractors, harrows, wagons, harvesters, balers and also trucks that have more than six wheels. Sue to modern technology today framers can introduce automation as it is fast, quick thus helps farmers to save on cost and time. For example, farmers can automate the irrigation process instead of doing it manually as it takes a lot of time. Also, new machines that use good quality of oils such as spectra oil have been introduced so as to help farmers maintain their supply chains and make more money such as the scrubbers, sizing, conveyors among others. However, as much as farmers using the tools and equipment’s, other farming techniques are needed, and this includes:

#1. Seasonal Crop And Soil Rotation

As a farmer, it is important that you understand that planting recurring crops can affect your overall production. It is advisable that you plant different crops every season so as to maximize your yields. Planting different crops every season helps to improve soil fertility, making it strong enough to produce more and more each season. Growing different crops not only increases productivity but also helps to control the pest. Pests tend to feed on specific crops on your farm, and by growing different crops, you tend to cut their food supply chain.

#2. The Use Of Microbial Products

Microbial products tend to boost crop resilience thus reducing the increased use of pesticides and fertilizers. Microbial products are very important as they contain useful microorganisms that naturally improver the soil health and increase the crop yields. The research done on microbial products shows that soil microbes can greatly affect the agriculture industry.

#3. Early Planting

To increase agricultural production, you have to choose the right time to plant. It’s advisable that you do some soil testing before planting any crop so that you can know if your soil condition is ok and ready for planting season. Farmers who plant early tend to take advantage of the favourable soil thus increase crop production.

#4. Planting Cover Crops

Planting cover crops is one of the best ways to increase agricultural production as it helps to alleviate soil compaction thus allowing water and oxygen to sufficiently flow into the soil. Cover crops such as oats, clover also tend to add organic matter to the soil thus improving the soil condition for the next farming season. Also, cover crops are good at preventing soil erosion and reducing crusting.

#5. Applying Agroforestry Practices

Agroforestry involves growing shrubs or trees on your farm so as to help reduce soil erosion as well as protect animals, plants and other water resources. Also, trees tend to provide shade to crops thus providing a conducive environment for crops to grow. The physical and biological interaction between the crops and the trees as well as animals tend to improve agricultural production.

Most people all over the world depend on farming for food and other raw materials; thus why it is important to increase crop yields. These tools and techniques are what farmers should use for better production.

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