Top 5 Benefits of Using an Electric Toothbrush

Personal hygiene is incomplete without a proper oral care. Dentists recommend that we should brush our teeth twice in a day. Not only this, dentists also recommend that we should go for regular dental checkup in order to identify and treat any problem associated with our teeth. More so, we are advised to change put toothbrush almost every 3 months. You must be wondering why these experts are saying all these.

Generally, a low-standard oral hygiene can cause a number of teeth diseases, such as enamel decay, development of cavities, tartars, plague, and gum disease. Electric brushes have emerged as a top choice of most people in the recent years.

The best electric toothbrush for receding gums offers a lot of benefit over a regular one. Here are the 5 basic benefits of using an electric toothbrush.

1. Deep Cleaning

The shape and bristle of an electric toothbrush make it easier to deeply clean the mouth and reach the most difficult areas. Typically, the gaps between the teeth and the areas along the gum lines are the most difficult areas to clean and very good at attracting and storing harmful bacteria. The fast action of the electric brush bristles excels at extracting these substances from these crevices, cracks, and curves.

2. Easy brushing

The electric brush offers hassle-free brushing experience. It requires much less effort to clean the teeth, unlike regular toothbrushes. This ease-of-use makes electric toothbrush a perfect option for those with wrist or hand problems. It only requires a slight effort to effectively clean the flat surfaces of the molars and the front and back of the teeth.

3. Faster brushing

Apart from the ease-of-use, an electric toothbrush operates at a faster speed than a regular one. This means that you will spend less time to efficiently and effectively clean your teeth. The bristles of an electric brush are very effective at effortlessly swirling across the teeth to help remove the food particles and plague.

4. Painless Cleaning

In addition to fast and easy teeth cleaning, an electric toothbrush does not cause any pain or discomfort while in use. However, if you have missed a proper oral hygiene in the past, you may feel a little pain from the inflamed gums. The best electric toothbrush for receding gums comes with still bristles which work efficiently to clean the teeth but soft enough to avoid pains or damage to the gums.

5. Stain Removal

Stains on the teeth are common to people who frequently drink teas, coffees, and those who smoke. You can observe this with a change in teeth color. The extra power and performance of an electric brush do well in removing all forms of stains and leaving the teeth as white as possible.


Just like any casual toothbrush, an electric brush still needs to be used on a daily basis. Similarly, we recommend that you use the brush twice daily for the maximum possible result. A proper use of the best electric toothbrush for receding gums can result in about 6% reduction in gum diseases and 10% reduction in plaque accumulation.

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