Top 5 Most Common IT Support Questions

The world will never run out of computer problems. There’s an endless number of things that can go wrong – and, as they say, if it can go wrong then it will go wrong. As an IT support company, you may think you have seen them all but that just couldn’t possibly be true. However, there are the few that will keep cropping up time and time again…

These are the most common problems that IT support companies have to deal with on a daily basis. As the most common, they aren’t the most exciting. But they are easily solved and, most of the time, the person on the other end of the phone could save time by just trying a couple of things themselves before calling their IT support.

1- Why can’t I log in?

The simplest solution is most often the correct one. You’re typing in the wrong password! This may be for a number reasons. But a lot of time, it’s because you have Caps Lock on.

2- Why is my Internet Being Slow?

If the problem is just with your particular computer, and other computers and devices aren’t experiencing the same issues, then it could be that your computer has some kind of malware that is causing your connection to feel slow. Try comparing your results on Speedtest.net with other people in your office to see if you achieve similar download speeds. If someone is downloading large files, then it could be affecting the download speed for the whole office. Otherwise, you may need to contact your ISP to report the issue.

3- How Can I Get Back the Files I’ve just Deleted?”

First thing’s first. You should check to see if the files were permanently deleted from the system, or if they’re just sitting there in your Recycle Bin. Many people don’t realise that nearly everything that they think they’ve deleted can be recovered from the Recycle Bin. This is why you should periodically empty out your Recycle Bin so that deleted files aren’t just taking up space. The Recycle Bin also gives you an opportunity to “change your mind” later on if you decide that you didn’t really mean to delete that file. If the file has been permanently deleted, then check with your IT support technician to see if it is possible to “roll back” to the most recent backup of your system. But be aware that this will also revert any other changes you may have made since the last system backup. If you have edited or created new files since then, you may need to back these up separately so that they can be put back onto your computer once your system has reverted to its latest backup.

4- Why won’t my PC Recognise my USB Device?”

Instead of immediately calling for deskside assistance, try plugging your USB device into another USB port. If that doesn’t work, try plugging in a different device into the first USB port. If your USB keyboard and mouse is still working, then those ports and devices aren’t facing the same issues. The problem usually lies with either your USB device or the USB port which you’re trying to plug it into.

Ask a colleague if they have the same issue with your device being plugged into their computer. If they face the same problem, then the problem is most likely with your USB device. It may be that something has corrupted. After you’ve tried these quick and simple common solutions yourself to no success, then you can contact your support company for them to troubleshoot.

5- Why does my Computer Randomly just Shut Down?

The most common cause for a computer to just randomly power off is that the machine is overheating. Usually, this happens when there is a buildup of dust inside the case. As office computers get a lot of use but are infrequently cleaned and dusted inside, this can sometimes happen. The reason for your computer shutting itself down is a safety precaution to ensure that no components become damaged due to overheating. You should absolutely contact your IT support company, as the reason could be anything from hardware-related to malware-related.

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