Top 5 GBWhatsapp Features that You Never Know

In the present day, everything around people is connected to some sort of technology and if a person needs to get something done, he or she definitely has to go through the technology. In contrast to earlier days, because of this attachment to technology, every human activity has become easier and people can get their work done within seconds. With the development of technology, many industries have got affected by this and these industries had to go through so many changes in order to get adjust to the new conditions. When it comes to the industries which have affected because of the technology, IT field is the one that comes first. IT industry is a term which always comes along with the term technology.

Actually, IT is technology. If you have considered the past few years, IT industry has introduced so many new concepts to the world like social media. When it comes to social media, there are so many different sites and applications which help people to get connected. GBWhatsapp is one such application which has introduced by the facebook in order to communicate with each other.

This application is an advanced version of the typical Whatsapp messenger application and as mentioned before this was introduced by the Facebook. While having the same features which are available in the usual WhatsApp application this new version has so many additional features which allow people to engage in more effective communication. Following are some of the best features you can see in this application which you do not have in usual WhatsApp.

#1. Send up to 90 photos at once

Earlier people had to suffer a lot to send a photo from one mobile phone to another. But with the introduction of these social media applications such as Facebook and WhatsApp messenger, sending photos became so much easier and it was one of the best features available in these applications. People got the chance to interact more because of this feature. With the usual WhatsApp messenger, users were allowed to send 30 photos at a time. But with this new version, users now have the privilege to send 90 messages at once which is a really good improvement.

If you are having somewhere around 50 to 60 photos to send, you have to send them for two times with the usual WhatsApp messenger and it will be annoying to select the photos in the second time because you have to exclude the sent ones in the first time. But with this new version, you just have to select all at once and send it to your friend. So it is a very user-friendly feature.

#2. Hide second tick on messages

You know when a message is sent through WhatsApp it shows two grey ticks to show that the message has successfully delivered to the receiver and turns those grey ticks into blue to confirm that receiver has read the message. This feature will make happy some people while keeping some unhappy. If you send a message to someone special and if that person read that message and reply you, then there will be no issues and everything will be OK. But if you see the ticks have turned blue and there is no reply, then it will cause for your sadness.

With the this new feature in the new version, you can hide the second tick of grey, so that the one who sent you the message will not be able to confirm that you have read the message. It will not even confirm whether the message has delivered or not. But in real you have read it. So there will be no issues if you do not reply for that certain message. This is another interesting feature which you can’t get through the usual WhatsApp messenger.

#3. Hide when typing a message

This is another interesting feature which you will not have in the usual WhatsApp messenger. You can’t hide when you are typing a reply in WhatsApp. But with this new feature, your “typing” notification can be hide so that the person in other ends can’t find whether you are typing a reply or not. So that will be a little surprise for the person in the other end when he or she receives a reply from you.

#4. Stay online for 24 hours

With the usual WhatsApp messenger, you can hide your online status and last seen the status. But if you want you status to be online at all the time even when you are offline, there is no way to do that in WhatsApp messenger. But with this new application, you can make that happen. This new version allows you to keep your online status always on. This can be an advantage at sometimes and there are some disadvantages too. Displaying that you are online will be an advantage because you can get all the messages from your friends. There are some people who do not message you when you are not online and you may miss some important messages because of that. So displaying that you are online will solve that issue.

#5. Add a passcode to your messages

This is another interesting and important feature you will have in this new application. If you want to add a passcode for your usual WhatsApp messenger, you have to install another app lock application for that. But with the new version, this app lock feature is already integrated in it. So you will not have to use a third-party application and you can get your job done within the application. That will add more security for your privacy and you can give your phone to your friend with a peace of mind.

So it should be obvious that the new version of WhatsApp which has introduced by the facebook is having many interesting features in it which are not available in the usual version of WhatsApp. There are many more unique features other than the ones mentioned above. So you can experience some next level features with this new application and it will be fun to deal with these features.

Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza
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