Top 5 Reasons to Choose Canada for Your Next Trip

Why you should totally go to Canada? What are the best reasons why you have to start exploring this almost unequal “continent country” in the world? For a family trip or for a lonely adventure, here are 5 reasons why a trip to Canada is a dream experience! Let’s get started!

Discover the charm of Quebec and Montréal


If you want to test your French abroad, instead of English, and discuss and exchange views with locals, do not look any further: Quebec is what makes for you! This great region of Canada is a historic bastion of French-speaking, which defends its legacy with soul and body.

Meet inuit


Nunavik, Nunavut, Yukon, North-West Territories: so many spaces, regions and territories where the historic populations of the Arctic and Banchisa continue to live with their rites and their millennial traditions. Though threatened, they fight so their rights are recognized and their status is protected.

Explore legendary national parks

national parks

Banff, Jasper, Rocky Mountains: Just evoking these parks seems to be an irresistible invitation to exploration and hiking in some of the most beautiful landscapes that can be found in Canada, all in a colorful universe of colors depending on the season.

Marveling at the historical background

historical canada

Did you know that the Vikings were the first to land on the coasts of Canada, Anse aux Meadows, in the province of Newfoundland? And did you know that the Golden Race took place in Yukon? Canada is a country rich in history and with an incredibly evocative atmosphere.

Compare yourself with the country of extremes

Admire an aurora borealis immersed in a hot water source. Get lost in the tundra during a sled-pulled dog drive. Live the days without the sun ever setting. See a bear, a moose, a glutton behind the curve of a path. Go canoeing in a wildlife reserve. Eating the beaver at a Montréal bar: Canada is the country of all the extremes and full of uncommon experience to live!

Conclusions and some extra tip

So, Canada is full of interesting things to see and do and it can easily become one of the best experiences you’ve ever had because of its unique attractions and vibes. But, don’t forget your Canda etA (Electronic Travel Authorization)! This is a new entry requirement for visa-free foreigners flying or passing through Canada.

When you have completed your application for your Travel Authorization you will be ready to fly to Canada and start exploring this incredible country and all its beauties.

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