Top 5 Road Trips in South Africa

Are you looking forward to enjoy your upcoming vacation in South Africa? Then you must think about going on a road trip. It will provide you with the opportunity to explore the best of South Africa, along with its natural beauty.

Before you hit South Africa, it is important for you to plan your journey properly. Below mentioned are 5 of the best road trips that you will be able to experience in South Africa. Any person who wants to enjoy motorcycle tours in South Africa can think about taking a look at these options. They will assist you to make your journey an unforgettable one.

#1. Following the flowers in Namaqualand

If you are a person who loves to spend time along with nature, you can think about taking your road trip along Namaqualand. However, you need to be careful to select the perfect time of the year as well. In other words, your road trip to Namaqualand should fall in between the months of August and September. Then the nature will bless you with the best sights, so that you can enjoy. In other words, you will be provided with a magical experience throughout the journey. The entire journey is over 1,500km and you will get the chance to spend a good couple of days with this road trip.

When you are taking part in Namaqualand road trip, you will be provided with the ability to go all the way from Port Nolloth located in north to the Yzerfontein located in South. The beauty of nature will make sure that you don’t feel tired by the end of your journey.

#2. Enjoying the unique views of Maluti Mountain

Maluti Mountain offers one of the most picturesque views for the people who visit South Africa. Hence, you can think about selecting it for your next road trip. Throughout your journey, you will be provided with the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Maluti Mountain. Your journey in Maluti Mountain will be from Ladybrand to Phuthatijhaba. The mountain has given life to scenic views and you will love the views that you will be able to enjoy throughout the journey. Some of the people who take part in this road trip prefer to take stops and go on mountain hiking. Horse trails can also be found in the region, so that people will be able to take part and enjoy their time. If you can go to the Mafube Mountain Retreat, you will get the chance to enjoy dinosaur footprints as well. November can be considered as the best time of the year for you to enjoy your road trip to Maluti Mountain. All people who take part in this road trip during the month of November can enjoy freshly picked cherries during the journey as well.

#3. Enjoying the bliss in Baviaanskloof

If you are planning to go on a road trip from Eastern side of the road trip to the Western side, you can think about this road trip. With this road trip, you will be able to take a look at South Africa from a different viewpoint. The Baviaanskloof Road can be considered as a four wheel drive route. Hence, you will need to take appropriate steps in order to find a suitable vehicle for the journey. Otherwise, you will have to experience a lot of hassle while you are enjoying your ride. Before you hit Baviaanskloof Road, you should find an appropriate vehicle and be ready to take part in the journey. When you hit the road with preparation, you will absolutely love the unique experience that will be provided to you in the long run. While you are enjoying your ride, you will be able to discover one of the UNESCO Word Heritage sites as well.

#4. Riding via Richtersveld

Out of road trips that are available for the people to experience in South Africa, Richtersveld has received a lot of attention. Individuals who are interested in enjoying dessert terrains prefer to select this road trip and move forward. To start your road trip, you will need to visit the Northern Cape. Then you will have to take the route, which goes along with the Namibian border. Throughout the journey, you will get the opportunity to enjoy amazing views of mountains. In addition, you will be able to enjoy barren moonscape, eerie coastal mist and architectural flora during your journey. This is a relatively short journey of around 260km. Hence, you will be able to complete it within just one day. However, your day will be filled with excitement and fun. Hence, it can be considered as one of the greatest experiences that you will be able to experience while you are spending your time in South Africa.

#5. Take the road trip in Midlands

This road trip is located in the heart of South Africa. In other words, you will be visiting the KwaZulu Natal Midlands Meander in order to take part in this journey. It can be considered as one of the greenest regions that you will be able to discover in the country as well. Hence, you will be thrilled with the greenery that is being offered to you.

The best thing about Midlands road trip is the availability of adventure activities. If you are a person who prefers to take part in adventurous activities, you will love what is being offered to you by this journey. The mountains, lakes and nature reserves that you can find in the region have given life to these adventure activities. In addition to the adventure activities, you can find a large number of hotels as well. Therefore, you will get the chance to experience a comfortable stay while you take part in the road trip.

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