Top Five Beaches Of Big Island, Hawaii

The youngest and the largest island of Hawaii, the Big Islands boasts of over 400 kilometers of beautiful coastline. Blessed with stunning landscapes, dense rainforests, incredible waterfalls, luxurious Big Island vacation rentals and coffee plantations, the Big Island also offers the widest variety of beaches to its visitors. From white sand beaches to black, even green sand beaches, from beaches with a rocky formation to beaches without them, from beaches full of tourists to less crowded beaches – you will surely find the perfect beach for you. You can spend some relaxing time on the beaches of Big Island, take part in the various water sports, or hike to one of the more secluded beaches to spend some time away from the crowd. To help you choose, here is a list of the top five beaches in Big Island which you should visit during your vacation.

1- Kahalu’u Beach

Kahalu’u Beach Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Big Island. Packed with tourists, the beach boasts of calm, turquoise blue water which makes it a great place for snorkeling. There are a lot of stalls where you can rent equipment, so you don’t have to bring your own. It’s a great place to start your Big Island trip in Hawaii.

2- Mauna Kea Beach

Mauna Kea Beach is regarded one of the best beaches in Hawaii. The beach lies beautiful with its smooth, golden sand, lined with lush coconut groves. The water is calm and crystal-clear. Protected from strong waves by a series of offshore lava flows, this beach is a great place to relax, sunbathe and some quick dips. However, remember to visit this beach early in the morning, as the resort which maintains this beach only allows a limited number of people at a time.

3- Hapuna Beach

Located north of Mauna Kea Beach, the Hapuna Beach is the most beautiful white sand beach in Big Island. The beach is about a kilometer long, and it’s almost always sunny here. It is a great beach for families, and offer a lot of activities. The small cliff situated towards the north of the beach or the rocky point at the south is great for snorkeling. A professional lifeguard is also present at this beach all year round.

4- Punalu’u Beach

If you are tired of the golden and white sand at the beaches, the Punalu’u Beach can be the perfect beach for you. Punalu’u Beach is Hawaii’s most popular black sand beach, and also the most easily accessible and expensive black sand beach. This beach is a great place to see the endangered Hawksbill and Green turtles bathing in the sun. Pack a picnic lunch and spend a relaxing day sunbathing, dipping in the water or hiking through the coastal trails while you are here. You can also visit Ninole Cove which is a nice place to snorkel.

5- Papakolea Beach

However, if the colour of the sand is getting monotonous for you, then Papakolea Beach is a much better option for you. This extremely unique beach comprises of sand which is not golden, white or even black. The sand of Papakolea Beach is in fact, green! There are only four beaches in the whole world which has green sand, so a visit to this beach is a must during your trip to Big Island. The landscape is barren, dry, and surreal – and the green sand alongside the blue waters make an incredible view which you have to experience with your own eyes. It is truly one of the most unique beaches you will get to see in your lifetime.

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