Top Five Technology Blogs to Follow in 2017

Technology, technology, and more technology. The world is taken over by technology of all kinds. Whether it be phones, tablets, gaming consoles, or computers, we all use technology. With the ever changing buzz of technology, how on earth do we keep up with it? There are several tech blogs that one can use to keep up with new technology and advances in the industry. What are the top blogs?
This is the list portion of our article. We have researched several different blogs to formulate that top five blogs we feel are a good tool to use. These are the top five blogs:

  1. Mashable
  2. Gizmodo
  3. GigaOM
  4. ZDNet
  5. Computerworld Blogs

How do you choose which blog is best for you? Try to focus on which part of the tech world is most important and intriguing to you. Each blog usually focuses more on one subject and others fall behind.


This is a blog that is updated consistently. There is plenty of whit and entertainment in this blog. This blog takes on many different platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to fill the techies in on the latest and greatest in all things technology.


This is easily referred to as the TMZ of the technological world. They have had a lot of backlash for paying for a “lost” Apple IPhone. Aside from this, they have a very youthful presence and the funniest commentators known in the tech world.


This is one of the largest blogs on the web today. Their focus is only on what is new in the tech world. They focus on anything and everything tech related. From social media and gaming, to start-ups. This blog has a team of twelve of the top technology obsessed writers in the industry.


This blog was founded in 1991 and purchased by CBS Interactive (CNET) in 2000. They focus on the bigger names such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft. They feature a series of product reviews, software downloads, and analytical articles on businesses and issues the tech world faces.

Computerworld Blogs

This blog is considered one of the best because of the compilation of several different bloggers onto one site. The blog features a favorite blog called “Apple Holic” by Jonny Evans that has fans raving. This is one of the mainstream media sources that added blogs in order to retain fans and traffic. This is also one of the oldest and most respected IT magazines in history.

Overall, there are several different tech blogs to choose from. When choosing which blog is best for you, it is important to remember what each blog offers. Pick a blog that focuses more on your specific interest, for example a blog that covers all things Apple if that is what you are into. There are many blogs out there, these are the ones we consider to be the best and to help in getting you started on your tech blogging search.

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