Top Places to Have a Burger in Delhi

Hunger pangs call for an amazing burger, but you can’t decide where to binge it from? You have landed at the right place! We have listed for you some of the tastiest and the most flavorful burgers in all of Delhi, where you can head on to every time your stomach craves one!

Have a look at them here:

  • Burger King

Well, doesn’t this name say it all? Head on to burger king, every time you’re craving the original, authentic American burgers, and treat yourself with the king of burgers. Starting at just Rs. 29, try out the all new king saver burgers, along with the newly launched 6 smoothie flavors that are to die for. Use burger king coupons to avail most amazing discounts every time you order

  • McDonald’s

Looking to get amazing burgers and fries, and that too on a budget? McD should be your one stop shop! They have undeniably the most authentic taste in their burgers, which can be even customized as per your choice! Hop on to the closest McDonalds outlet, or order online. Enjoy your burger with a wide range of sides and beverages only on McD.

  • American Diner

Located in the heart of Delhi, the American Diner on Lodhi Road is perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The burgers there are to die for, and you can enjoy them with a drink or two! We recommend you try the Chili Bean burger and the Route 66 burger with a side of fries and take a trip to burger heaven!

  • Burger Singh

Do you love an Indian twist in your food? Get the taste of India in burgers only at Burger Singh! With unique blends like the Amritsari chicken burger, United States of Punjab Burger, Pao Bhaji Burger, and many more enjoy an interesting combination of flavors with every burger!

  • Smoke House Deli

Located in 4 cities across the country, the Smoke House Deli even has 4 outlets across New Delhi! If that isn’t a testament enough of its popularity for you, I suggest you definitely go there and give it a taste test yourself! Having a carefully crafted list of items on the menu, Smoke House Delhi also boasts of a beautiful ambiance, making it perfect for a date night.

  • Café Delhi Heights

Located at multiple locations all over Delhi, this is one of the very few places where you can enjoy lip-smacking burgers, along with everyone’s favorite Bira! Who doesn’t enjoy a chilled beer with amazing comfort food! with its perfect ambiance and outdoor seating in some outlets, Café Delhi heights are perfect for a Sunday brunch binge. Also, while you’re there, don’t forget to order for their Juicy Lucy Burger, which is a hit among all!

  • Fork You

Don’t let hunger stop you from partying like crazy in Hauz Khas Village! Hop on to Fork You at HKV, and feed that growling stomach of yours, and don’t let the fun stop. With a range of lip-smacking veg and non-veg burgers, and quick service, Fork You is the best bet in all of HKV. If you’re a lover of cheese, don’t forget to try The Casanova burger filled with 3 types of cheeses at Fork You!

  • The Blue Door Café

Khan Market is easily one of the best places to eat in Delhi, and The Blue Door Café does it full justice. This eatery has European décor, and is perfect for breakfast with its amazing dishes! Try the TDBC signature hamburger while you’re there, and don’t forget to add extra cheese as you have the option to customize your burger according to your taste at the café!

  • Carls Jr

Looking for a treat after a hectic shopping spree in Saket? head on to Carls Jr, and bite into the most amazing Mexican Burgers that you can ever have in all of Delhi! With outlets all over the country, Carls Jr is an absolute favorite amongst all. Load up your burgers with jalapenos, extra cheese, juicy meat and veggie patty, and take a ride into food heaven. You are sure to eat your troubles away!

  • Bun Intended

Get more than just a bun only at the amazing Bun Intended, which you can enjoy at its outlet, or order online for home delivery. With a range of burgers with flavors from all over the world, along with amazing sides, Bun Intended is the perfect place to grab a filling meal. While you are there, be sure to try out their most Famous, Dizzy Duck burger, which is served with the most amazing cranberry sauce, and experience the whirlwind of flavors with just one bite!

These are our top recommendations for you to have the best burgers of your life! Put them on your list, and don’t forget to try them out next time hunger pangs hit you hard. Get ready for a carnival of flavors in your mouth with these burgers!

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