Top Three Battery-Life Productivity Hacks for Digital Nomads

As more and more people seek to adopt the lifestyle of a digital nomad, there is a limiting factor that many of them will have to face. While images of working with your toes in the sand may be the stuff of daydreams, there is a very real danger that working so far away (okay, maybe a couple hundred of yards) from electricity that your Macbook battery may not be able to last all day.

In this article, look at some simple, yet often not considered, ways to increase the life of your laptop’s battery and therefore make your life as a digital nomad much more productive.

Limit Tabs

Many of us are guilty of using browsers as a never-ending to-do list. Articles or posts that piqued our interest are opened into a new tab that may not be read for quite some time. However, doing so saps your computer’s battery life, limiting your productivity.

While no one is advocating working with only one tab at a time, limiting the number of tabs to only those that are actively being used, or are at least going to be used in the next few minutes, helps keep productivity high. As if the battery savings were not enough, fewer tabs means fewer sources of distraction.

Keep Your Computer Cool

That day on the beach, sipping drinks while managing social media accounts back in your hometown, may come to a quick end if you get a notification that your computer is too hot to operate. Both PCs and Macs can easily overheat, and it can take a Macbook battery quite some time to come back to a safe temperature.

Moreover, even if the computer does not overheat, using extra fans means a drain on your battery, which means less time working away from an outlet. While you may enjoy the sun, keep your computer in the shade. Don’t forget to buy an extra Macbook battery just in case you need to work for extended periods and the battery you currently have threatens to overheat.

Don’t Multitask

Finally, it is vital to resist the urge to multitask. While many people think that they are actually more productive multitasking, the fact is that one task almost always has your dominant attention. Therefore, you may be able to sing along with your favorite songs while you edit photographs, but you likely can’t edit photographs while writing a completely unrelated blog post.

Focus on one task at a time until all jobs are complete. Additionally, this will further limit the draw of power on your laptop’s charge, meaning more time away from the power outlet.

Make the Most out of Your Computer

Becoming a digital nomad is hard work and relies heavily on your ability to maintain control of various processes, with very little input from others. However, with all those conflicting priorities, worrying about your computer’s charge does nothing but cut into your productivity.

At best-case scenario, it slows you down while your computer recharges. At worse, your computer’s battery can suddenly die, taking unsaved work with it. With these tips, it is hoped that you’ll be able to get more minutes and hours out of each charge, meaning less time stuck with an outlet and more time living up the digital nomad lifestyle.

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