Top Tourist Destinations in the World

Globalization has enabled people from all over the world to travel and interact with each other. Air travel has enabled people to visit countries that many miles apart. To make the most of your travel – start saving early and make a budget for the trip. Traveling is expensive and that is why people do it occasionally. To enjoy your trip look for destinations that are rich in culture and offer excellent opportunities for sightseeing. Planning to visit Brazil click here for the Brazil e visa.

Here is our list of top tourist destinations

Sipadan Island – Malaysia

Malaysia has become an economic hub in Asia. If you want to get away from the hassle of city life then the Islands of Sipadan offer great ways to experience the aquatic life. You can engage in scuba diving and bird watching. Many tourists visit the island due to its rich coral life.

Vietnam – Hanoi

The streets can be chaotic but the Hanoi is full of culture. The city is the capital of Vietnam. The city has grown since the time of war and you will find the locals very friendly and eager to help.

Sydney – Australia

The Opera house is the most known item in Sydney. Besides landmarks there are a lot of beaches to go surfing. The beaches can be overcrowded at times but you can also visit the Royal botanical gardens bondi beach, Sydney Harbor Bridge, and the Coogo beach. There are many hotels in Australia each created to meet your budgetary needs.

Ibiza – Spain

If you are a group of friends and looking to party all night then Ibiza is the place for you. You get to catch the sunset on the beaches or hit the local pubs that are always full of people. Other areas you should visit in Ibiza include their National Park, Port of Ibiza, Nature Reserve of EsVedra and the Formentera among others. If you are into clubbing, there are lots of activities to keep you entertained windsurfing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, parasailing and scuba diving among others.

North East India

If you are tired of the city life, then you should try visiting North East India. The countryside offers beautiful scenery and you can be lucky to see the one horn rhino. The Kaziranga National Park is a must see plus several spiritual sites like Tawang monastery, Kamakhya temple and the ziro valley. The Kaziranga National park enables you to go for that safari and you may encounter some elephants on the way. If rafting is your kind of sport try out the Siangi River.

Lhasa, Tibet

Tibet is often in the news for the wrong reasons but the landscape has a lot to offer for tourists. Tibet mountain ranges are ideal for rock climbers. If that is not your thing you can consider visiting Potala Temple, Jokhang Temple, Drepung Monastery or the Tibet Museum. Tibet is rich in spirituality and is an ideal location to cleanse your mind and find peace.

Frankfurt – Germany

Traveling to Europe? Make a stop at Frankfurt and explore one of the largest commercial centers in Germany. Besides the long buildings that adorn the landscape you will find the Goethe museum rich in history and culture. There are various art houses and history museums in Frankfurt and you will not get bored. There many hotels in Germany catering for a variety of tourist needs; you will find something within your budget.

Bordeaux – France

This list would not be complete without mentioning France. Most cities in France are vibrant with many tourist attraction sites. Bordeaux has built a reputation as a tourist destination because of its expansive vineyards. You also get to view various Victorian castles built several centuries ago. Some top places to visit include Jardin public, Tour peyBerland, La cite du vin, Aquitaine and the Musee du vin et du negoce. Will visiting try spending the night at the Hotel Le Boutique.

Shangai – China

Shangai has seen a tremendous growth over the years to become one of the most populous cities in China. The city hosts a lot of expatriates and tourists visiting China. Some of the top tourist sites include Disney land, Nanjing road and the People’s list. Also include in your bucket list Shangai museum and the Yu garden. If you love shopping then you will find the many shopping malls that adorn Shangai landscape a site to behold.

Rome – Italy

Rome is a city that is filled with history. It is not only the city where the pope resides but you will find marvelous churches that have withstood the test of time. The streets are safe and you should not worry about encountering pickpockets. You cannot leave Rome without visiting the Vatican City – though it’s hard to say hi to the pope. Some of the top tourist sites in Rome include the famous Colosseum, Vatican museums, Gallerina Colonna, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Villa Medici.

Abu Dhabi – UAE

Abu Dhabi has been transformed from a desert wasteland to one of the top tourist destinations in the Middle East. If you love sports you will find the Formula one track in Abu Dhabi to be quite thrilling. The skyscrapers are a sight to behold. You get several shopping malls that are air-conditioned – try out the Dubai Mall for this. Other sites to visit include the desert safari, oasis safari, Burj Al Arab, Sharjah museum among others. You cannot get bored while in Abu Dhabi.

Cairo – Egypt

Seeing the pyramids in Egypt has been on the bucket list of many tourists for many years. Egypt has a lot to offer tourist. Besides the pyramids you can go on a boat ride across the mighty Nile and view some large crocodiles.  There are also many archeological sites spread across Egypt. Remember to wear something light because it gets really hot in the desert.


We have put together a list of some must place to visit when traveling. We understand that you cannot do them all at once but you can make a budget and commit to visiting a different site each year. Traveling can be expensive but the experiences are memorable. When traveling to Brazil remember to get your Brazil e visa.

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