Traveling by Bike: 10 Reasons Why Anyone Travels by Bicycle

With millions of cars cruising our roads, why would anyone want to saddle up and go for a ride? I mean, cars are faster, less tedious, and more comfortable compared to riding a bike. Well, I know what you’re thinking…..cars are more expensive. But wait a second, car prices have scaled down to an all-time low and you can even get a good second-hand ride for a thousand bucks. That’s more than enough reason not to travel by bike, right? On the contrary, cycling provides a lot of benefits. Read more to discover the benefits you can reap from using a bike for daily travel.

#1. Provides hours of fun

This is a benefit that is so obvious for those who have saddled up at some point. Traveling by bike creates hours of fun. Cycling as a group makes the experience even better. It breaks the barrier and makes you part of that local scene. It brings you close to nature and lets you explore it better than you would when driving. In fact, it’s cheaper than having to pay to go to a tourist attraction. Before I forget, you get that fresh air that juices up the whole experience.

#2. Good for your health

Everyone wants to stay fit but without the downsides, right? Well, cycling offers a brilliant solution. Depending on how hard you pedal or how far you cycle, a bike offers moderate to vigorous exercise to help you burn those calories. You achieve all these in a way that is fun, easy, and cheap. I mean, no need to pay any gym fee or break a bone lifting heavy weights.

#3. Flexibility – Skip traffic headache

Just imagine the experience you get from coasting past hundreds of cars stuck in traffic. That’s a fun way of dodging the boring stop-and-go traffic, isn’t it? That’s not all, you can deviate onto a very small route that’s impossible for car travel. Thinking about weather changes? Well, you can choose to throw it in a taxi. In fact, some bikes can be folded into a compact size to take inside with you. In short, it’s a perfect way of getting off the beaten track.

#4. Saves you a ton of money

Bikes are much cheaper than running a car. You don’t have to pay for insurance, tax, petrol, and other costly repairs. You simply buy one, hop on it, and that’s it. In fact, you can save thousands of dollars that can be put to other use. Think it’s a scam? Well, the average American shells out 15% of their income annually on transportation. Just do the math and tell me if I’m wrong. You can check best cheap mountain bikes with honest reviews at BalanceBikeReviewed.

#5. Convenience and independence

Ever hauled up yourself in the wee hours of the morning just to catch a bus or train? More still, have you ever waited for hours in a bus station to get a ride to work? Well, a bike will help you avoid such inconveniences. You can choose to get up any time you want and leave at your own convenience. So no need of hurrying up or missing that breakfast for fear of being late. During the ride, you can pull over and take that awesome photo or stop at a restaurant to refuel your energy. Things aren’t different when you arrive at your destination. I mean, you just hop off and walk right in.

#6. Fast and efficient in small populous areas

Which is faster between a bike and a car? Well, it’s definitely a car. However, things change when traveling in small densely populated areas. A bike can be squeezed in small spaces and you don’t have the trouble of looking for a parking area. That’s not to mention stopping at a filling station to refuel. In fact, traveling by bike has been proven to be more efficient and practical travel solution for small distances of around 2 miles or less.

#7. Eliminates distractions

It’s easier to receive a phone call or text when driving than when cycling. In a car, one prefers to listen to music. On the other hand, a cyclist, in most cases, will prefer bonding with nature rather than having to listen to music. This makes cyclists less distracted hence safer on the road. In fact, there are far too many car accidents compared to bike accidents.

#8. Promotes cleaner environment

All automobiles, even the cleanest ones emit something. There’s no getting around it. Transportation alone contributes to 70% of global warming. A bike offers a quick, easy, and fun solution to protecting the climate and our environment. There’s no gasoline to burn. Bike travel gives the environment time to rest and restore from damage. Therefore, the more people on two wheels, the more benefits to the environment.

#9. Can fit inconspicuously into a typical suitcase

A bike can turn the world into a cycling playground. In most cases, your cycling journey goes beyond the airport. After all, most bikes are designed to be easily folded or disassembled into a compact size that meets the rule of most airlines. This means you can take your bike along whenever you fly. Well, for a car, that’s something next to impossible.

#10. Good for adventure travel

Adventure travel sounds exotic, right? Well, the reason for traveling with your bike is that you get a chance to capture the incredible experiences that you’d have otherwise missed when traveling in car. A car kind of insulates you from experiencing the whole thing. The flexibility provided by a bike means you can explore deeper.

Final Words

There’s a whole lot of reasons to dust-off that bike in your garage ready for your workday. You stand to benefit from a wide range of practical and recreational uses not to mention the health and environmental benefits. As a cyclist, nothing brings more satisfaction knowing that your travel experience is powered by your own body. Can you think of any other benefits of bike traveling? Well, feel free to leave it in the comment section.

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