Turning Mobile and Counting Traffic

For business owners, information is of importance—especially for companies turning mobile. Frankly, businesses turn mobile to take advantage of technology’s ability to spread information about one’s business, increase client reach and speed up business processes to satisfy internal and external customers.

An aspect of the mobile business that carries much weight is measuring traffic to one’s business and determining conversion among unique visitors. Planning, monitoring and fine tuning the business’ processes, products and services depend on understanding the numbers in these areas and monetising these figures. This is especially more true as the market grows rapidly and demand increases exponentially.

As one online resource foresees, the number of mobile devices will exceed the number of people on earth by the end of the year. No wonder web developers and publishers are scrambling to produce more apps that capture the unique needs of every user. The same estimate says close to two million apps will be available for download across online stores like Apple’s App Store.

What can help business-owners monitor traffic to his site and measure conversion? What to look for in a tracking service?

Choose an app from a company with good reputation—Some digital companies specialising in audience measurement have come up with measuring apps and tools to provide publishers with a clear view of their digital audience across the web, mobile web and mobile apps. These aim to empower publishers and app developers by adding a vital tool on their virtual belts, one that can measure events across all platforms. In selecting an app look for information about the publisher. Choose one produced by a company with an excellent reputation in the industry and preferred by major players in the market.

Check out numbers that are actually needed—A measuring tool may offer to track mobile app consumption, installation rate, audience loyalty and usage of mobile apps across all platforms. But does the business really need the information glut? Will it crowd out more important information, consume time and resources—even divert attention from more pressing details? These are decisions the enterprise owner must consult with his IT provider, whether one that works for his organisation or a web and app developer he contracted.

Check for compatibility—For businesses, measurement apps may help gain insight into cross-platform audience trends. It does well to check with their web, mobile web and mobile app developer for any glitches incompatibility with their installed system and settings to make sure that the app is not in conflict with theirs and that the information they receive is current.

App developers look for platforms to compare statistics across mobile applications to see how their apps are performing versus others, find where they are going strong, areas where app statistics show a need to pour in more resources, or keep information private as a business contingency.

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