Upgrade and Save Energy With Fireplace Inserts

A fireplace is the third most important feature that all the new homebuyers look for. Especially people who live in the areas where it’s freezing cold in winters, a fireplace is a must for every house. There are several types of fireplaces available in the market, from gas to electric to wood burning, you can buy anything you want to just as per your needs.

Now, if you are someone who already has a fireplace in his house and if you feel like it needs to be replaced then stop right there and first read this article till the end and then make a final decision. Fireplaces are pretty expensive and just because the old one isn’t working perfectly for you that doesn’t mean that you should get a new one instead and throw away the old one. You do know the fact that the replacement thing is going to cost you a lot, so the wiser thing to do is to upgrade your existing fireplace by using fireplace inserts. This will not only save you from the cost of a new fireplace, in fact, it will also help you save some energy.

Adding an insert will always be the best thing to do to a fireplace, it will produce more heat to keep you warm, and above everything, all of your heating bills will be slashed away with the insert.

Add An Insert And Transform Your Firebox Into A Room Heater

For those who aren’t familiar, a fireplace insert refers to firebox that is manufactured to go into a masonry fireplace already installed in several homes. Most models feature an interior firebox and are designed using steel. When installed into a fireplace, the room’s air will first enter the insert’s shell before making its way into the firebox. It’s heated through an electric gadget. In other types of insert, the user has to count on other sources of fuel, like natural gas, pellets or wood. The air heat then goes off of the firebox back inside the room, heating it.

Why can’t (and shouldn’t) you use the fireplace in a similar fashion? The difference lies in the way the insert functions and what it offers. The shell that is on the outer edges of the insert functions to keep the firebox’s air flowing inside the open space, instead of having it flow up the masonry fireplace’s chimney. In a conventional setting, the majority of the warmth is pushed up inside the fireplace, so the room gets just 10 to 20 percent of the heat generated by the fire. That’s no longer the case when you use inserts; the majority of the heat flows into the room.

There are many other great reasons to consider bringing fireplace inserts into your home. These installations are becoming quite common as they’re not only better in terms of usage; they’re more advanced technologically. Invest in them, and you’d realize the following benefits:

  • When it comes to running inserts, the electricity cost is far less than what you’d get by a furnace operating on natural gas.
  • Inserts function far more efficiently than masonry, conventional fireplaces. Before anything else, they need less fuel. Other than that, they produce more warmth courtesy of their design and function better overall than a conventional fireplace.
  • Here’s a surprise: the inserts also generate healthier heat than other options out there: they won’t be polluting the air like those wood burning fireplace options. Hence, fewer particles enter the air, which results in less contaminate mixing with the air outside and inside of the house.
  • They’re much more affordable than other fireplace options. If you read electric fireplace insert reviews, you’d realize that prices vary widely based on functionality and design. However, most models cost less than, say, installation of a functional chimney. And because they are quite portable, you just need to get one device to get the job done (they can move easily from fireplace to fireplace or from room to room).
  • Even though you’d be using electricity to power them up, they’re still handy with most models’ flickering the flame internally. Additionally, many feature bronze or chrome faceplate that too is quite attractive. Many individuals don’t have a clue that you’re using electricity, thinking that a real working fireplace is installed in your home.

Ready to Get One?

In addition to the features mentioned above, you’d also get adjustable options including heat output and flame brightness. That means you can customize their feel and look to your preference. Hence, with a simple flick of a switch, you can define the ambiance of your room, intriguing anyone visiting your place.

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