6 Reasons You Need to Use Website Analytics on Your Website

Website analytics provide several tools that can be used to track user behavior on your website. You can use it to separate visitors by age, location, gender etc. You can see how much time they spend on particular sections of your website, the traffic source, the click-through rate, the bounce rate, conversion rate etc. Website analytics will help you make better decisions on your website and convert visitors into paying customers. In this article, we’ll look at six reasons why you need website analytics for your website.     

1. You get to know your visitors better:

The number one reason for using website analytics is that it helps you understand your customers better. When you understand your customers better, you can redesign your website better. You can also make better decisions that will impact your business positively. Website analytics involves audience analytics that tells you all about website visitors by age, location, time spent, gender, topics of interest, browser, platform, gadget etc. The browser, operating system, gadget and other technical information that you get will help you redesign your website to be even faster, more responsive and more compatible. If you are getting a lot of visitors from a foreign country or geographical location, you could decide to make an informed decision to translate your website into their language and even open a physical office in that location. If most of your visitors are members of a particular age group, you can decide to design your content to cater to them specially. If you have a lot of mobile visitors, you can decide to make your website mobile-friendly. Ultimately, you make your website better, you retain visitors easily, and you get more visitors.

2. You know the sections that visitors visit the most:

Website analytics allow you to see the sections and the content that visitors view the most. You can see how long they spend on each section, the bounce rate, number of visits etc. You can work on this for better customer engagement. You see top posts and pages. With this information, you can add more purchase links, call to action buttons, redesign landing pages and refresh content.

3. You improve your SEO:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for any website. It helps you rank higher in search results and ultimately get more website visitors. When you know more about your visitors through website analytics, you can create better content that will help you rank higher on search engines. You will know what visitors search for the most, and you will gain information on backlinks. With website analytics, you can conduct site search tracking and see what visitor search for the most on your website. Your SEO efforts will be much rewarding than that of competitors that only research keywords alone.       

4. You can track eCommerce statistics:

Website analytics is effective for tracking various eCommerce statistics and metrics like top products, most ignored products, total revenue, top referrals, the ratio of sales to time spent looking at a product etc. This is useful for both physical and digital products.

5. You get more insights into your social media strategy:

Almost every website has a social media presence. But how do you measure how this social media presence converts to sale?. How do you know which social media channel sends the most traffic to your website? Website analytics will help you with all these. You can focus your efforts on your most effective channels and see what you are doing wrong on other social media channels.

6. You get more insights on trends:

With website analytics, you can see trends on your website. You can see how interests change over time on your website and see what you can do to make things different. You can see how you can take advantage of these trends to increase site visitors and make more sales. With contribution analysis, you can detect anomalies and spikes, and then find out the reasons for these anomalies. 


There is no shortage of benefits to be obtained from using website analytics. You have nothing to lose by using it. Website analytics products like Adobe analytics will provide invaluable insights on your website and help you make much-needed improvements.


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