Using Technology to Enhance your Conference or Seminar

When you’re organising an event such as a conference, there’s a lot of work to be done in order for your event to be a success. You want your event to be interesting and informative, to engage the attendees and also to be an enjoyable experience for all concerned. There’s nothing worse than a boring conference where everyone is simply waiting to leave. You want everyone to go away remembering your business and your event, talking about it, sharing images, and helping you to further market your brand. We look at ways in how you can use technology to make sure your conference runs smoothly and how technology can be used to put on an event that everyone will remember…

Utilise social media right through the event

Social media is such an amazing way to enhance your event, encourage networking and pass on relevant information. Make sure you harness all avenues. You’ll perhaps want a private Facebook group for attendees, a place for them to chat, allowing them to get to know each other a little before the event, and a place to set up meetings. Events are always better when everyone there feels as if they know each other, even if they have only ‘met’ online. Twitter is the perfect method for relaying important information quickly so be sure to set up your own event hashtag. Keeping everyone updated is vital. It makes everyone feel as if they’re in the loop. It might be an announcement of a speaker, or it could simply be letting everyone know of some roadworks near the event location that could be a hindrance to them, whatever it is, you’re giving out useful information that will go a long way towards building respect for your brand and ensure your event goes as smoothly as possible. After the event, encourage your guests to share their photos and comments using your chosen hashtag and you’re getting even more great advertising after your event is over.

Make use of apps

Depending on the size of your event, you could have an app tailor-made for your event or simply utilise one of the many third-party apps out there. An app can make the process of registering, checking in and even booking meetings or seats for a talk seamless.

Use robot technology for the wow factor

Think back over all the conferences and seminars you’ve attended over the years and a lot of them will just blend into one, with no distinct memories surfacing from any particular event. By using service robots at your events, they are going to really stick in people’s minds and add that wow factor to your conference. Far from being a novelty, service robots actually serve some very useful purposes too. A robot can help with your market research by asking guests to fill in a survey for you, they can offer automated information, provide entertainment and so much more.

Consider live streaming the key moments of your event

While you want as many people as possible to attend your event, there will always be people who cannot make it. If you live stream important moments of your conference, perhaps a guest speaker or an award ceremony, it can be watched by people all over the world. It will bring your business to a wider market and may encourage people to perhaps attend the event next year.

Real time translation

One cutting edge technology at the moment is real-time translation. Translating the words of a speaker as they talk. This opens up so many more options for you. An expert in your particular field now does not have to speak the same language as the conference guests. It can be automatically converted to a language of your choice and broadcast to the room in the language they understand. This also works in reverse, guests from overseas who do not speak your language can use mobile technologies to translate the words of a speaker into their preferred language in real-time.

Ensure your venue is as high tech as you are

When you’re bringing technology into the conference suite or event hall, you need to choose your venue carefully. Of course there are the usual considerations regarding size, ease of parking, accessibility, but these days one of the greatest requirements is a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection and seamless audio/visual capabilities. When your entire event has been planned around a mobile app you’ve had specifically made for you at no small expense, discovering the event center’s Wi-Fi just isn’t up to the job of providing fast Wi-Fi for a thousand attendees all regularly checking their smartphone would be a massive disaster.

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